Wife Sleeps With Other Men; Husband Happy About It


By: Krystle Crossman

Most couples prefer to sleep with their spouses in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Then there are others who are into parties where they either sleep with their spouse with an audience or they sleep with someone else at the party while their spouse watches. This may seem like a strange situation but one couple that met at a s*x party in New York says that going to one every few months is actually keeping their marriage and their s*x life alive.

A woman says that she and her husband will attend a party once every two months or so just to spice things up. There are different types of parties that they go to. One is a “play” party where everyone does things that are not actually interc0urse and everyone keeps their private parts covered. These are often held at clubs or bars. Then there are full parties at someone’s house where everyone does what they wish. The key thing about the parties is that it is not a random group of people hooking up with each other. The people at these parties are screened, they are known by others going, and are often tested for STDs before they are invited to the party.

She met her husband at one of these parties when she was 27 and had first started going to them. He had been going for a while and so he showed her the ropes and explained what the parties were all about. After their relationship became serious they continued to go to the parties but had certain rules. They were allowed to veto someone that their spouse wanted to be with. They never went to the parties without the other there. The woman states that it is a huge turn on for her to watch her husband please another woman because she gets to watch how good he is. She likes when he watches her because it shows trust and intimacy like nothing else.

She states that while this seems strange to most, it works for them and they are happy.



        • Sorry but I hadn’t been back on this page. Yes, “Redbone” many years ago, Ossie and Ruby both agreed that “Lies and Deceit” were the main causes of marriage break-ups. Thus they both agreed that they could have have (sex) with other people as long as they didn’t keep secrets about. Then as the years passed and the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases became a great public concern, they shut it down and ceased the behavior. You should be able to google their story.

      • That’s not true Osseo and Ruby TRIED swinging for a while but stopped. It wasn’t a constant part of their marriage.

        • @Mrsscott2u….

          Thank you so much for your comment… Somebody who knows the truth came forward. That business don’t sound true about Ruby Dee, especially her ending.
          I’m not saying that Ruby Dee & Ossie never experimented in their marriage, because some of us do and did, but that was not our continous ending results to the end of our days….plezzz!

          A great many of our blackmen sound so shady and extremelly unstable these days, its so sad and so unreal the mentality that comes forth from their lips and their behavior. Its speechless… “SICK”

  1. Ibrah Muhammad on

    This only shows just how lowdown we have become. For a man to stand back and watch another man lay on his wife and like it, is sick.

    • @Tatiana…

      CrossTown is (NOT) coming back with any info except under another blog name because he knows he open ed up a can of worms…lmbo!!!

      Where are you CrossTown… scared to rise to the challenge?

  2. hakimah ismail on

    there are many things that couples, married or not, do in the privacy off their home that some people would describe as demonic…and they are not at parties. IT IS ONLY SEX FOLKS WITH CONSENTING ADULTS. GROW UP AND STOP JUDGING

    • You grow-up you perverted mined ding-bat brain. Its people like you who are the reason why HIV is eating up our black community. Plus your a perpertrater for posting a comment to Redbone with that twisted name your using because your afraid of what I’m going to come back with… where is your backbone and strong man finesse!

      Don’t challenge red bone if you can’t hold it up… CrossTown is more of a gentlemen then you are and I can discern your weak lame stiff-neck personality…

      • Redbone

        I agree with you whole-heartedly. Another “Tazmanium Devil” with double-standards quick to come in here putting a sister down, talking about the negative blackmen we always get ourselves involved with, but its okay for them to watch their women get fuked by another negro and we watch them fuk another women….Ooh really!!! That negro is a real BUSTER / ruff ruff. He’s out of his rabbid-a$$ mind falling down the darn rabbit hole. Foolishness!

  3. To each his/her own!!!! However I did read where Ruby Dee said her and Ossie had a open marriage. Just how open wasn’t disclosed.

    • That’s right… to each is own to those who like walking after their perverted unclean flesh… I just hope that none of you are the ones with the ugly militant big mouth always degrading other black women for having babies out of wedlock and hanging out with thuggish black men and all of thee above… Double standards / pot calling the kettle black…. yeah right!

  4. Please do not put words on the Davis marriage. I remember the article quite well. It was not the lifestyle they wished to continue in because it caused problems in their marriage. Ms. Davis did not go into details either.

    If people want this in their marriage… Oh well. I would not work for me

  5. What goes on behind closed doors are non of our business as long as they don’t try to force it down my throat. I don’t agree with it at all.

    This schytt is for freaky YT folks.

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