Will Trump’s Presidency Bring More Violence for Women? Some Fear It Will


By: Krystle Crossman

Rita Smith has been advocating for women who are victims of domestic violence for a good portion of her life. She has seen women when they are at their weakest and when they are at their strongest. She is a strong supporter of women’s rights which is why she was so excited to see the first female president in the White House. However when election night came she couldn’t even watch through the end of the night. She wept. It was a sad day not only for her but for women all around the country. It went so much deeper for her than not having a female in the Oval Office. She was scared for what was to come over the next four years.

Many women were crying out in protest against Presidential-elect Donald Trump before and after the election results. The real tipping point for many was when a tape was released where he was speaking with Billy Bush about being proud of s*xually a$$aulting women because he had money and power and felt he could do what he wanted. Smith is upset because she feels like we are now taking a giant step back as a country by electing someone who thinks that this type of behavior is acceptable and even laughable. She is certainly not the only person who feels this way either. Many advocates for women of domestic violence are scared because they feel that this is going to have an effect on what women report when they are a victim of violence.

Author Jackson Katz states that it shows what kind of a society we live in where someone like Trump can be elected as a leader despite the fact that he shows no respect for 55% of the country (the percentage of women in the US). President Obama has been instrumental in advocating women’s rights and now it seems like we are headed in the wrong direction. Many are scared, shocked, and downright angry. Smith says that if someone like the President doesn’t even believe that s*xual a$$ault is a big deal, how many women are going to report when something has happened to them? Who are they going to be able to trust? So many have already been influenced by Trump’s behavior and it is only going to get worse fears Smith.



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