Woman Attacked for Body-building During Pregnancy Gives Birth – Is Baby Okay?


By: Krystle Crossman

Lea-Ann Ellison is a well-known body builder. At 35 she was about to give birth to a son and kept on exercising right up to three days before Skyler was born. She posted a photo well into her pregnancy which showed her lifting a barbell weight. This photo sparked outrage across the world and got almost 16,000 comments. Most of the comments were from people who were angry with Ellison because they said that she was harming her baby.

Ellison gave birth in November at her home. This was her third child and her second child to be born in a birthing pool. She was surrounded by her husband Shane, her son, her daughter, and the midwife. The birth went smoothly and Skyler was delivered at a very healthy seven pounds and one ounce. She announced the birth on her Twitter account and added to the end of the message, “Take that haters! Ha ha ha!”

There were some people that supported Ellison in her choice to workout so close to her due date but there were many others who were enraged. They said that this was sending out the wrong message to other pregnant women. Most doctors will tell you that lifting heavy things is not recommended when you are pregnant, especially when you are that far along. Doing so could cause a miscarriage, early labor, a placental tear, and could damage your internal organs. People called her selfish and obsessed saying that CrossFit should not have been more important than the health and safety of her child.

Ellison is not the first mother to be criticized for her exercise choices during pregnancy and most likely will not be the last. Nell McAndrew ran a very taxing marathon while she was 20 weeks pregnant. She defended herself saying that at least she wasn’t smoking and drinking like some do and what she was doing was healthy for her and her baby.


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