Woman Became P*rn Star To Save Her Marriage


By: Krystle Crossman

When a woman feels that her marriage is being threatened by another woman there is nothing that she won’t do to try and prevent her marriage from ending. This was the case for Heather Leiva. She knew that her husband was having an affair and she didn’t know what to do until one day when she had a moment of clarity. She knew that drastic measures needed to be taken and they need to be taken quickly. He had begun sleeping at his friend’s house a few nights per week. She knew the end was near and was determined to stop it. She decided that it was time to become the p0rn star his husband had always wanted.

She began with her body. She felt that she needed to stop eating so that she could shed some of the baby weight that she had been carrying around for the last nine months. She also went to the extreme of getting a full Brazilian wax in the front and in the back. Ouch. She told herself that the pain was something that she needed to deal with and that if adult film stars could do it all the time so could she. She knew that she couldn’t get surgery for her chest since all of the women in the films that her husband watched had big ones, but she was determined to make herself over in every other way.

She went out to the mall and bought some lingerie. She did away with her comfortable pajamas and decided that it was time to wear something a little more revealing at night. She got rid of her nursing bras and went with something a little more sleek. Her wardrobe went from “mom” to “wow” pretty quickly. She made an attempt to go into an adult toy shop but turned around and left before she even entered the store as she had her nine month old baby with her. She was not willing to go that far.

After her transformation she started seducing her husband every chance that she got. She stated that he didn’t really say anything much for the first few days other than, “What’s gotten into you?” He went with the flow and seemed to enjoy it. Whenever he complained about housework not being done she jumped into adult film star mode. Whenever she heard him texting the woman that he was having an affair with she jumped into action.

After weeks of doing this she realized that he was still very much engaged in his affair. She had read his texts. She had seen what he was writing and there was nothing about her. All of her efforts to try and save her marriage were for nothing. She realized then that her marriage was over. She dropped the adult film star act and moved out. Lesson learned but at least she tried.



  1. While there is no particular happy ending to this story, it can be said that she did what she could to keep her marriage alive. I think the error in her choice was that she did not find out what the problem was in the beginning because you could be trying to maintain something that doesn’t need to be maintained.

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