Woman Expecting Triplets Is Shocked When She Actually Delivers


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Identical triplets are a rarity. There are often fraternal triplets, but not many identical ones. There are even less identical quadruplets. Kimberly Fugate from Mississippi found out just how rare these things where and got the surprise of a lifetime when she gave birth to her triplets…or so she thought.

Fugate was pregnant with identical triplet girls. During the c-section the three babies came out and she was ready to be done. However she then heard the doctor say “more feet” and knew that she was in for a surprise. A fourth baby girl that had managed to elude every sonogram she had was hiding in there!

The babies are doing well as is the mother. She named them Kayleigh, Kenleigh, Kelsey, and Kristen. They were born 13 weeks premature as most multiple birth babies usually are. Each of the babies weighed in at 2 pounds. They will be released to go home in May after they have had the proper care to ensure that they are well-developed and ready to go.

Having identical triplets is so rare that there are not many statistics on them. There have only been 60 cases documented in history. Fugate’s doctor was stunned and embarrassed that the fourth baby had been missed on all of the ultrasounds. He said that they had never seen identical quadruplets before in their hospital.

The babies still have a long road ahead to be able to go home but they are doing great and are seeing improvements every day. Their 10 year old big sister Katelyn made a Facebook page call the “Fugate Quadruplets” and it already has over 53,000 followers. Updates are being posted to keep everyone in the loop about their progress.


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