Woman Finds Creative Solution to Being “$exually Neutered” Due To Anti-Depressants


By: Krystle Crossman

When you fall into depression your doctor will most likely give you an anti-depressant medication. These can have many unwelcome side effects. One of the most unwelcome is the loss of libido that many men and women tend to experience. Therese Bourchard had been on anti-depressants for most of her life. She is married and loves her husband very much but just isn’t able to get into the mood. She has seen her therapist and spoken to her about it and she has gone to the doctor’s office as well. They recommended the usually treatments for this which include:

– Having the male partner use Viagara. It has been known to help women as well.
– Switch to a different anti-depressant such as Wellbutrin which carries less side effects and has less of a risk of losing libido.
– Take a day or two break from your meds. Some studies have shown that this can lessen the chance of having any side effects on your s*x life.
– Lower your dose slightly to see if it has any effect without causing the depression to come back.
– Change the time that the medication is taken during the day.

Bourchard said that none of these options really appealed to her or the ones that she had tried had not worked. Finally one day at the doctor’s office he noticed that she referred to herself as “s*xually neutered” because of her diminished libido. He suggested a testosterone cream that had great results with many patients. She went to the pharmacy and picked it up. The first night that she tried the cream she began to have suicidal thoughts. She stated that she was curled up in a ball and crying over Thanksgiving break. She tried again a few nights later but it had the same effect. She looked up some of the possible side effects online and sure enough a small percentage of women experienced this when using the cream.

After all of these failed attempts Bourchard was about to give up when she came across a rather creative solution to her problem. It may not work for everyone but for some reason it seemed to work for her. She picked up a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray and began reading. She has noticed a big change in her “appetite” and is hoping that by the time she goes back to her doctor she will have plenty of positive things to talk about.


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