Woman Gives Birth in Parking Lot, Hospital Charges Delivery Room Fee


By: Krystle Crossman

Sometimes when women go into labor it is quick and they do not have time to get to a hospital. Babies don’t care where you are, when they want to come out, they are going to come out! This is what happened to Boca Raton, FL resident Paula D’Amore was being taken to the hospital by her husband in their car as the baby was crowning and there was no time to wait for an ambulance. They pulled up to the hospital entrance, parking in the fire lane, and her husband began to deliver the baby until nurses ran outside to help. The baby was born in the fire line but was healthy as was D’Amore. They ran into a little problem with the hospital however. The D’Amores received a $7,000 delivery room bill even though they never entered a delivery room.

Having a baby can be expensive. The hospital fees for rooms for delivery and then recovery after can be pretty steep, especially if you have no insurance. But should you be charged a $7,000 fee if you don’t set foot in a delivery room? Should you be charged this fee if none of the normal equipment like a fetal monitor or heart rate monitor for the mother? Most who have heard about this story do not believe so and neither do the D’Amores. They did pay for most of the charges that they incurred and D’Amore says that she will probably pay the delivery room fee as well but she wants an apology from the hospital. She delivered the placenta in the hospital, but not the baby.

When the hospital, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, was asked for a comment on the situation by the South Florida Sun Sentinel they stated that everything was appropriately billed and that the charges were all correct for the situation. They felt that a delivery room fee was appropriate as the mother delivered the placenta inside the hospital, even though her daughter wasn’t even born in the building. Many people feel that this is not right but the hospital doesn’t appear to be backing down any time soon on the matter. D’Amore just wants an apology for the incident and stress. The most important thing is that her daughter is happy and healthy.



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