Woman in Germany Has a Very Unique Way of Raising Feminist Issues


By: Krystle Crossman

Women are trying to bring gender equality to the forefront of public eye. As far as we have come with women’s rights there is still a great amount of s*xism and gender inequality that affects women all over the world. One woman located in Karlsruhe, Germany took her message to the streets in an unusual way. On March 8th in celebration of International Women’s Day she thought about how to spread the word about gender equality and women’s rights. She thought about a quote that she had seen that said, “imagine if men were as disgusted with [email protected] as they are with periods”.

Elonë Kastratia decided that she was going to take that quote and use it to spread a little feminism through her city. She took pads and placed messages on them. She then stuck the pads all over the city with these messages on them. She said that she wasn’t sure if it was illegal to do so but they were easy enough to take off so she didn’t care. She wrote the word “feminism” on some of the pads. She wrote the quote above on others. A photo of a pad with “[email protected] [email protected] people not outfits” went viral online. She posted this statement in response to a phrase that is used often to place the blame on the women when it comes to [email protected] All too often people state that if women didn’t dress so provocatively it wouldn’t entice people to [email protected] them.

Kastratia said that she has mostly received great feedback from people all over the world and never imagined that this campaign would go viral. She said that some people tell her that she is just trying to get attention or she is hating all men and is trying to spread that hate through the world. She doesn’t let this phase her however. She knows that she does not hate men and she wanted this to get attention. She said that it is spreading the word about gender equality and feminism and that is exactly the point of what she was doing. Kastratia said that she wanted to provoke those around her so that they think about these issues and maybe think about them in a different way.


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