Woman Inspired By Dying Mother To Lose Weight



Cherie Hart Steffen’s life was changed forever when her mother passed away. The loss of a beloved mother is a very painful experience and it changes your life. For Steffen, though, her life was not only changed by her mother’s passing.

The death of  a loved one is not something that we can control but Steffen made a change in her life by taking control of her health and wellness.

At one point, Steffen was 230 pounds even though she has a small frame at 5-feet-3-inches. Now, she not only looks great, she has made changes that allow her to feel great and be more healthy.

Her story is below:

“Hey, Precious.”

Cherie Hart Steffen turned toward her professor in the hall of their community college.

“What?” she asked, sure she had misheard.

“Precious — you know, from the movie,” he repeated.

The students around them started laughing. Steffen could only stare in disbelief. He had just compared her to Gabourey Sidibe‘s obese character in the 2009 film.

“It was like … someone hit me with a frying pan on my head,” she remembers.

Her mind flashed back to just six months before, when she had gotten a life-changing call. It was June 2009. Her mother — her best friend in the world — was dying. Steffen drove all night in hopes of seeing her one last time.

LaVerne Hart managed to give her youngest daughter just two pieces of advice before succumbing to the cancer that had spread throughout her body.

Save money. Lose weight,” Steffen recites, her mother’s words forever etched into her brain.

Steffen hadn’t listened immediately. A herniated disk in her lower back had prevented her from working out; grief had made her turn to comfort food. In the months since her mother’s death she had gained 30 to 40 pounds. But that moment with her professor was the last straw.

“This is it,” she thought, as the crowd around her dissipated. “Let’s do this.”

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