Woman Is Legally Blind After Trying to Change Her Brown Eyes To a Green Color


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

In 2009, 36 year old Beatriz Murillo decided that she didn’t like the brown color of her eyes and wanted to do something about it. She hopped on a flight to Panama with $8,000 and got silicone discs implanted on top of her irises that changed her eye color from brown to green. Two glaucoma surgeries and a corneal transplant later…Beatriz can no longer see. She can vaguely make out shapes and colors but that is about it.

Murillo lives in Toronto, Canada. The eye doctors there and doctors in the U.S. do not use the silicone iris implants because they can take your vision from you. They will treat patients who make the long trip to another country to have it done when they come back and have eyesight problems. In 2011 Murillo began to feel sharp pains in her eyes. She also had elevated pressure levels inside of her eyes. After the glaucoma surgeries she had the corneal transplant which her body rejected. The silicone implants have been removed, but she is now legally blind in both eyes. She is terrified because she is an artist and is afraid that she will never be able to paint again.

Dr. Ike Ahmed, who treated Murillo, has said that these silicone implants are obviously very dangerous. He has seen two other cases where there have been serious complications. He also warns that there is no safe way for you to permanently change your eye color. The eyeball is very sensitive, so one mistake or foreign body can cost you your eyesight.

Murillo is now hoping that she can get donor corneal implants so that she can have some of her vision restored. There is less of a chance of rejection with donor corneas because they will match the blood and tissue type, just like any other organ transplant. It is not a guarantee however.



  1. Don’t have any sympathy for her stupidness ,and she’s from toronto that already speaks volumes nothing but self hating butt kissing idiots in that town.Serves her dumbass right.

  2. There are several Youtube videos people have created in order to document their progress only to find out people are going blind now?? So now they have to come up with $4000 to reverse this??

    We have the right to do what we want with our bodies but its best to make sure it is safe, whatever that may be.

  3. felician mapunda on

    She is very stupid. She is now regreats with her dumb ass with what she has done. How does it happen that she tried to be against her natural brown eyes? She is very stupid. Yes! I mean she is.

  4. @Marcus Davis – What does her being from Toronto have to do with anything? Her vanity got her into the situation she’s in now. Ignorance is no excuse and obviously she didn’t do her homework or she thought it was worth the risk. Now she knows it wasn’t a such a high price to pay.

    • @Queenie What does it have to do with her being from Toronto? you got all day have you? My experience of dealing with black folks in that town is that most black folks there don’t want to appear to be too black for white folks whom they love and worship so much ,it was’nt because of her vanity that cost her ,her sight ,it was because of her desire to appear more white and more acceptable for her white associates ,when the article mentioned that she was from toronto it did’nt suprise me one bit,black folks in vancouver are just as bad.

  5. God gave me dark brown eyes i’mma die with dark brown eyes. He also gave me thick lips and I’mma die with thick lips. I just thank God on how he made me.

  6. It’s sad, that she decided to risk her sight just so she can have a different eye color, Now she is worried that she may never paint again? The price of vanity is a heavy price to pay. When it’s much easier to love yourself.

    • Boy you said a mouth full why can we just be happy with what we have how stupid can you get not only that but she messed up her other gift god gave her the gift of a artiest as well.

  7. Narcissism is a Fools twisted sense of self-confidence. Now she’s blind and no longer be an artist. This could’ve been avoided by wearing green contact lenses… 🙁 × 🙁 = 🙁

  8. Self hate, lack of knowledge of self will make you change your eyes, hair texture, gang bang, use/ sell drugs and host of other things. Like, love & know self .

  9. @ Marcus Davis you do understand that “African-American” is a culture & not a “race” & not the stewards or definers of what is “Black” across this planet

  10. @ Marcus Davis you can’t define the “Blackness” of anyone else specially an Afro-Canadian or an Afo-Latino or Afro-Caribbean or Afro-European & its painfully obvious you have not the education, life experience or world travel to judge much of anything

    • Geee You must be from Toronto,i guess you did’nt fully comprehend or understand my postings on this topic ,because i don’t remember defining blackness for the whole black diaspora,and what on earth do you know about my experiences or travels? because i don’t remember listing those either.My point is ,is that some black folks need to love themselves and be proud of who and what they are ,and the only way they’re going to do that is to know their history and where they come from,if certain so called black folks did that ,then there would’nt be situations like this woman making herself blind trying to be something that she clearly is not.

  11. @ Marcus Davis I’m from & am a business owner in Chicago have 2 Bachelors a Masters degree been on 5 of the 7 continents & served with the 2nd Marines in “Desert Storm/Shield. On 2 of your post you made “insinuations” on her “blackness” & those from Toronto because you were apparently elected “King of Blacks” but I missed the election

    • Err! Ok so you,re saying that i can’t express my opinion on certain topics? is that what you,re trying to say? And i don’t recall saying that i was king of the black race either,for someone that claims to have 2 Bachelors and a Masters and being a business owner you don’t seem too bright.

      • Marcus, ignore Al. I don’t know your nationality and niether does Al. I don’t like that Al made a generalization on African-Americans. To say We (because I am Afro-Amer) are ignorant and our inexperience in travel makes us ignorant, makes you ignorant, sir! So what if you own your business, have numerous degrees, diverse, and well traveled. I have a degree in Accounting and English and it doesn’t change the color of my skin. It doesnt matter how experienced you are in the world or all the degrees you have, you’re still BLACK! Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what continent one may find him/herself, black/brown skin is detested the most, even in South Africa. I may not travel the world on a whelm, but I make up for it by being well read.

  12. I pray she has learned from all of this as well as other who r always trying to change parts of their God given bodies. If she could not accept what God gave her in creation, even if someone donated eyes to her would she be able to accept what man gave her in donation. If God allows her another chance at seeing she must appreciate it no matter what color eyes she see life through.

  13. @ Marcus Davis when you assert you have knowledge or an assessment of an entire classification of people “Blacks in Toronto” its not an opinion it’s an “Bigoted Statement” you moron. Life’s education doesn’t end in the 12th grade or in the classroom, if my son made such an ignorant statement, I would pull him out of college & put him on the 1st thing smoking to another country

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  14. @ Marcus Davis The Paternal side of my family hail from the Caribbean were I was born, I was raised in Chicagoland but some did migrate to Toronto which has a large Caribbean population, that I know well & have spent much time with. I don’t like you your an typical lazy ignorant u n-traveled African American (my opinion) who thinks his perception of the world is everyone’s reality, your the reason our culture is seen as a curse on the American Landscape, Goody bye you ignorant piece of trash

    • @Al Hill II
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  16. Peace this is a very sad case my brother is a very well known and respected doctor here in the U.S. who has successfully treated many cases were the medical field had given up hope n wrote the patient off if anyone knows her please pass my email on so she can be helped to see again thanks its *** peace

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