Woman Refuses To Apologize After Being Accused of Shaming “fat” People


Maria-KangBy: Krystle Crossman

Maria Kang is a 32 year old woman who has done a lot in her life. She owns two different residential care homes for the elderly. She is a freelance writer. She runs a non-profit fitness company. She also has three young sons. With all of this, you can imagine that her life is pretty hectic. Recently she posted a photo of herself with her three sons showing how fit and in shape she is. This photo ruffled many feathers with the public however and the photo went viral. Why? At the top of the photo is one line…”What’s your excuse?”.

That one line has people in an uproar. They are accusing Kang of bullying people who are overweight and “fat shaming” those who are not in shape like her. She posted the photo last year and told Yahoo that it was meant to be an inspirational photo. She has had many negative comments since the photo went viral so she issued a statement to all of those who have been negative about the photo. In the statement she says that this is going to be her first and her final “apology” to those who are demanding she issue one. The apology turned out to not really be an apology.

She said that she is sorry that people took the photo in a negative way. She said that won’t get into (even though she does) about how she has bad genes, has had an eating disorder, has a busy life and no nanny, is not naturally skinny, and works hard for the body that she has. She goes on to tell the readers that it is not her fault that they interpret the photo with such negativity. It is theirs. She said that we are in control of our bodies and how we live our lives.

Even her “apology” garnered criticisms like saying that other women put their children as their first priority;  where are her kids while she is spending all this time working and exercising? One woman wonders if she would still say these things if she had a daughter. Along with the negative comments however there have been plenty of supporters for both the photo and her “apology”.



  1. The picture wasn’t offensive, and neither was her response. She made a choice to make diet and fitness a priority. Nobody can be upset for that.

  2. I’m 35 but look 25 because being healthy and fit is apart of my life. Although I’m a college fitness instructor, and many overweight students are in my courses…I’m there to motivate them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The photo is motivation and if people became upset…it’s an indication that they need to live a more physically active lifestyle.

  3. This was motivation for me, she’s an all around kind of woman, mom, and entreprnur, and healthy… I think ppl.went to far with the negativity. She looks good after having 3 babies who are very young and very close on age… No excuses 🙂

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