Woman [email protected] On Campus Kicked Out of College After Reporting Her Attacker


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There  has been a lot discussion about women being $exually assaulted on college campuses and then feeling violated a second time when they report the attacks and the institutions allegedly mishandle the cases.

While outsiders can not not know for sure, it appears that many colleges and universities prefer to downplay or sweep [email protected] cases under the rug because they are afraid of bad publicity.

It would be troubling if colleges and universities are putting their reputations and public images ahead of students who have had horrible experiences, often being attacked by students who are also part of the institutions’ communities.

One woman, Wagatwe Wanjuki, has taken the brave and courageous step to speak out about her story. In the video below, she discusses what happened after she was $exually assaulted on a college campus.

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According to Huffintonpost.com:

Shortly after noon on Monday, Wagatwe Wanjuki sent out a tweet about what it was like to be a rape survivor.

Wanjuki, 27, took to Twitter after reading a June 6 Washington Post column by the conservative writer George Will that suggested there was no campus rape epidemic and that women were lying about being victims of sexual violence. In his column, Will challenged widely accepted statistics on sexual assault and declared that “victimhood,” as in being the survivor of such an assault, has become a “coveted status that confers privileges.” To that, Wanjuki responded:

Where’s my survivor privilege? Was expelled & have $10,000s of private student loans used to attend school that didn’t care I was raped…The #survivorprivilege of being too scared to leave my dorm for fear of running into my perp.

Wanjuki’s hashtag #SurvivorPrivilege went on to trend widely among people sharing their experiences as survivors of sexual violence. Their voices became part of a widespread backlash against The Washington Post for publishing Will’s column.

“It was mind-boggling that someone would think there’s anything to gain by coming forward as a survivor,” Wanjuki told The Huffington Post. Survivors face ridicule, attacks and threats, she said, and it’s “just not a pleasant experience.”

Wanjuki first became public as a survivor in 2009, when she was a student at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Wanjuki says she was assaulted multiple times by a fellow Tufts student she was in a relationship with, but when she tried in 2008 to report him for a campus adjudication, the university told her their legal counsel said they didn’t have to take action. This was back before the U.S. Department of Education made it crystal clear in a 2011 Dear Colleague letter that universities had an obligation under Title IX to respond to reported sexual violence.

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  1. Nyesha Noldon on

    During the first week of May I came across an article that spoke of Grambling State University’s outgoing president, Frank G. Pogue, participating on a White House task force focused on addressing sexual assault on college campuses. Reading this brought me back to 1998, when I was a student at Grambling. This cause is very personal to me.
    On December 14, 1998, Dr. Martin Edu of the Department of Mass Communication stated he needed me to come by his office after my last final. The request confused me because I had not been asked to meet with him privately before. This was very strange because I was not a student who spent time in his office. Arriving at his office around 4pm he informed me that I had made a few minor mistakes on the morning my exam, which he allowed me to correct.
    As I was exiting his office, he said he knew I’d had a rough semester and asked if he could give me a hug for the holidays. I was completely caught off guard by the request. I reluctantly leaned down to accept a hug from him. It was at that moment Dr. Edu reached up and forcefully grabbed both of my breasts, made lewd x-rated comments and threatening me to not speak of what happened in his office. At the time I considered this action sexual harassment today I know what he did to me was sexual assault.
    As a senior preparing to graduate in July of 1999, I had to endure taking one last class from him the following spring in order to graduate. At that time, Dr. Edu was the only professor teaching the core courses for those majoring in Public Relations, which meant I had no other options but to face him repeatedly in class. I felt alone, dirty, trapped, confused and angry every time that I entered that class room door.
    The day before graduation, July 15, 1999, I filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Dr.Edu. I waited to take legal action in part so that the the truth of what he did would outweigh any speculation that I was simply a disgruntled student.
    Upon returning from my attorney’s office, my Mother and I spoke with members of the school administration including then President Dr. Hicks, Vice President, Provost, head of the College of Liberal Arts and the dean of the Department of Mass Communication at the time to let them know about the incident and my decision not to remain silent. That day ended with my mother personally speaking with Dr.Edu. During that conversation he admitted his guilt. I graduated the next day returning home to Brooklyn, New York the day after.
    16 years later my life has been significantly impacted by Dr. Edu’s actions. My university was an environment where I should have been protected. Dr. Edu assaulted me and destroy my sense of safety. Dr. Edu was also prompted to the Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication even with his conduct in question. If my experience had happened to you, a close friend or a loved one, what would you do in an attempt to make them whole again?
    After all these years, this case is finally going to trial in Ruston, LA on July 28, 2014. Although it was filed shortly after I graduated in July 1999, why this has taken this long is beyond me but it was not for my lack of trying to get my attorney to explain the reason for the delay year after year. It took opposing council 10 years to the day of the incident to take my deposition via phone even though I had offered several attorney’s office to do it in. All were turned down including my friend Ted Shaw’s office who at the time was head legal council for the NAACP legal defense fund.
    I hope that the wrong that I experienced so many years ago finally gets righted. I also know for a fact that there were other students and staff but they’ve chosen to support from the sidelines.
    Nyesha Noldon, a proud 1999 graduate of Grambling State University.

  2. ELois P. Clayton on

    Does “Know Your Title IX” apply to ALL rape situations, for RAPE, has occured against my brother David P.;patient at Chester Mental Health Center.
    NOTE: The administrators has(for years;even this ‘2014’), has responded to other ASSAULTS against our loved one, with “UNFOUNDED” reports!
    NOTE: We have PETITIONS, asking for support to EXPOSE and prosecute the assailants of these hanus crimes(even while he has been in RESTRAINTS);NO way to even DEFEND himself and when he does defend himself, HE, is FALSELY systemically blamed(by the STA’s, administrators and the “treatment teams”!
    NOTE: We have gained ‘SUBSTANTIATED’ complaints and these state of Illinois employees, are STILL allowed to work around my brother(forcing him to see them on a daily basis)(and I’m sure other patients)!
    NOTE: Chester MHC, has even gone as far as to blame US(David’s family)< for having the COURAGE, to file cCOMPLAINTS(on his behalf) and refusing to respond to his attorney who enquire about these assaults(by hanging up the phone when we attempt to speak with them about it)!
    CMHC administrators, are VIOLATING David's 'Human Rights', in condoning these ABUSES!
    NOTE: Statue 405 of the DISABILITIES CODE, PROHIBITS ABUSE of ANy KIND and CMHC, has VIOLATED this code/law, for YEARS(and they MUST be STOPPED and prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law)!
    NOTE: I am in total agreement with 'Just Detention', when they say, "RAPE is NOT Part Of The Punishment"!
    NOTE: I am STILL currently asking for any/all support to ALSO get a RALLY to take place(as this young lady did), to combat the ABUSES that Chester MHC, is perpetrating against our David(then trying to descise these assaults with what they call, "treatment".
    NOTE: The administrators, LCSW, nurses, STA, psychiatrist(and some of the inmatepatients), are ALL culprits of these assaults and it's up to the administrators to put a STOP to it, but it is (most of all), URGENT, that rape victims, report these assaults to organizations(the president of the U.S.), for the CMHC admins., are turning a FEAF EAR, to these assaults on our vunerable lovedones(while our loved ones are FORCED to submit to PSYCHOTROPIC drugs, that are DAMAGING their organs and causing DEATH to them), as (24) patients who were administered psych drugs at CMHC, has died and been placed in the CEMETERY located approximately (5)minutes SOUTH of CMHC(near the BACK of the cemetery;by the WATER).
    ATTN: Speaking of WATER, our David(within this past week of June(2014), has been DENIED his RIGHT to have WATER to DRINK;even being DENIED his RIGHT to drink water from the FOUNTAIN(claiming the same LIE that he is "watertox";a LIE that has been used to COVERUP other FALSE restraints on him (because eh speak UP anf stands UP, for himself)!
    NOTE: "PLEASE SEND HELP", is the message that rodneyyoder.com sent before he was released from CMHC, in '2005' and we(David's family), is sending the SAME message for our David.
    NOTE: I can be contacted at (773)826-2591, with ANY SUPPORT towards getting this message to our president and getting a RALLY to take place at Chester MHC(on David's behalf) and I'm sure other patients there.
    Thank you.
    Mrs. E.P.Clayton
    (sis. of David P.)

  3. you can do something call the news media,, write the president of the United States. call for an investigation federal and state,, there are laws that are on the books to protects David and every citizen regardless of what state of mind they are in. The facility is dead wrong.. and need to be exposed.. [email protected] contact me.

  4. Nyesha Noldon on

    I personally have been sending out this one pager to media across the country, have contacted the White House and justice department all dead ends. I’m open to suggestions. I’m also considering a malpractice action against my attorney I know belief he and opposing council are in bed together.

  5. William Leonard on

    Now what got my attention is she claim to have been in a relationship with this person for 2 years and after two years you found it was wrong sound like you may have gotten mad at the other person involve in the relationship for some own know reason. I like to hear from the other side.

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