Woman Scorned? She Allegedly Tried To K!ll Her Husband By Putting P000p in His IV


By: Krystle Crossman

Some people will do whatever it takes to get rid of someone and Rose Mary Vogel from Sun Lakes, Arizona is no exception. She wanted her husband who was in the hospital dead so she injected fecal matter into her husband’s IV line. A nurse walked into the room and found her holding the IV in her hand with a brown substance sitting in the line. It was found to be fecal matter after a quick lab test was done.

A search was done of Vogel’s property and they found a syringe and a needle in her purse that also had fecal matter in it. There were three syringes in her purse, two of which contained a clear liquid. She had been a registered nurse at one point and had retired from Chandler Regional Medical Center. There will be forensic tests done on the fecal matter and the syringes to build an air-tight case against Vogel who was arrested initially for aggravated assault. The charges were upgraded after the evidence in her purse was found. She is now facing charges of attempted first-degree murder as well as vulnerable adult abuse. Her bail has been set at $100,000. Her husband had just had a heart procedure which is why he was in the hospital. He is doing fine and is expected to recover as normal.

You may be wondering how exactly fecal matter in an IV could kill a person. Think about how much bacteria is in your body and how much of it is expelled through your waste. Now think about taking that bacteria and injecting it directly into the bloodstream. The death would be slow and very painful. It would start with an infection and end up leading to sepsis, shock, and then death.



  1. that’s truly sad i was a licensed nurse for many years before retiring and i’d have to say to do something like this to another human being let alone your husband who your suppose to love, cherish and help in sickness and health is absolutely atrocious and a disgrace to the nursing profession. i seriously think this former nurse needs a psych eval while awaiting charges!! let’s not even speak on the nurses oath she broke while trying to kill this poor man!! All i can say is Psych eval STAT!!!

  2. They are from Lexington, KY, her husband killed a young black man years ago, the young man had no gun, it put this city in an uproar and at that time he was a cop and as usual he was found innocent. I say what goes around comes around, it is just too bad she did not get the job done! But then again, maybe that heart will just give out! Cops hide a lot and to be honest, a lot of them are accused of spouse abuse, maybe she was at her wit’s end and wanted to make sure he was at his end too.

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