Woman Set To Get Ovaries Removed, Gets A Big Surprise


By: Krystle Crossman

Rebecca Oldham of New Zealand was told by her doctors that she needed to have an oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). She had been having very painful cramps and they felt that the ovaries were the cause. The 25 year old went to Middlemore Hospital in November for the surgery. Unfortunately this would mean that she would never be able to carry a child again. She had one child already who was 20 months old. When the doctors opened her up on the table however they found a big surprise.

When Oldham awoke from the anesthesia she found out that it wasn’t defective ovaries that she had. Instead she woke to find out that she was a new mother. The doctors had found an almost full-term, 9 pound baby when they opened her up. They woke Oldham up before they performed the emergency c-section needed to get the baby out safely. Oldham said that she was glad that she was woken up and told that there was a baby on the way instead of waking up after the surgery to be handed a baby.

So how does a 32 week old fetus hide out without anyone knowing about it? Oldham had undergone six pregnancy tests, three scans of her abdomen, and two blood tests. The hospital is currently doing an investigation to find out exactly what happened and where the error was made. They feel that human error is to blame for the pregnancy not being caught. Even so how is it that Oldham did not know that she was pregnant? How did she go 8 months without noticing anything?

This is actually a common phenomenon. One out of 500 women do not know that they are pregnant until later on in the pregnancy. Oldham says that it is scary that she knew nothing but can’t explain it.


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  1. E,. Jacqueline Irons on

    Very diligent of the doctors to wake her up to inform this mother that she was pregnant. But….the pregnancy results?????? What the???????? Whoa!!! I hope the investigation reveals ALL!! I was five months pregnant and didn’t realize it until I began to feel strange and went to the doctor and was told.

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