Woman Shamed By Sexist Gyno and Her Story Goes Viral


By: Krystle Crossman

When woman have to go to the OB/GYN they know that they are in for an uncomfortable session. It is never fun being poked and prodded in places that you shouldn’t have to be. You have to put a lot of trust into your doctor as they are the ones who are working on your most private area. Unfortunately for one woman, who goes by the name momdadimrae on Reddit and asked to remain anonymous, her appointment with her gynecologist turned into a horror story.

The 19-year-old described her most recent visit to her gynecologist and instantly had users who were angry about the doctor’s actions taking to the comment section. She stated that she went in for a consultation on a contraceptive IUD. While in the consultation she had mentioned that she had depression at times. She said that the doctor berated her for being on anti-depressants since she was 14 and that she must be seeking attention. He also said that depression didn’t exist that she should quit whining about it.

Within minutes of telling her story she had dozens of comments from others who had shared similar experiences in the gynecologist’s office. She said that this wasn’t even her first time dealing with something like this. When she was 16 she wanted to go on birth control. She had to go through three different doctors and finally once she had a female doctor she was given the prescription. She said that the previous doctors had told her that she was too immature to be taking birth control or being s*xually active. She plans on filing a misconduct report on the gynecologist that she saw most recently.

Another user on Reddit who goes by the handle of mintcakefrog stated that she too was berated when she brought up her mental health history. She stated that her gynecologist called her partner in and then grilled him as to whether she was mentally capable enough to make the decision to go on birth control or not. User ssaen stated that her doctor told her that she wouldn’t need to come in for check ups because she was not married. The doctor told her that a healthy s*xual relationship between two people was reserved for virgins who were married, not single people. All of these stories show a huge problem when it comes to gynecological visits and the doctors that are behind them. Women are supposed to be able to go into the appointment with the confidence that she will be heard and will not be berated for any of her medical history.



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