Woman to Sue Doctor for “cutting” Her Vag!na


By: Krystle Crossman

A California resident went into a hospital to have a baby. The single mother, who has kept her name anonymous for the time being, was a [email protected] survivor and told the doctor and nursing staff that she wanted everything to be explained to her every step of the way and that she wanted the nurses to be gentle and speak in a soft tone. When it was time to push she tried and tried but the baby’s head still was not coming out. The doctor told her that he was going to do an episiotomy which was something that the mother did not want.

Improving Birth advocate Cristen Pascucci stated that what the doctor did next was unacceptable and could be considered obstetric violence. The advocacy group took an interest in the woman’s case after she posted the birth video on Youtube to try and share her story. She told the doctor that she did not want the episiotomy and that she wanted to keep pushing because they had barely tried to do it naturally first. The doctor in a rude manner told her that if she wanted to do that she should go to another hospital to have her baby and that this is the way that he was going to do this. Her mother stood in the background while she was filming and was telling the doctor to do it. The mother had no support from anyone in the room but she was telling him that she did not want to be cut.

The nurse and doctor told the woman that it was only going to be an inch cut (which turned out not to be true) and that it would hurt a lot less than if she were to tear. The woman kept saying no but after she tried pushing again and the baby’s head was still not coming out the doctor took the scissors and cut her perineum 12 times. Finally the baby did come out and was a healthy baby boy. Pascucci stated that medical procedure such as this or c-sections are forced on women often. They are coerced at a very vulnerable time to do something that they may not want to do. The Improving Birth group started a crowd funding page to help gain money for lawyer’s fees as the woman is now suing the doctor. She went to the medical board and the hospital directors but was ignored. She must file by May before the statute of limitations runs out.



  1. lynesha lake on

    As a mother of five and having one C-section. If a baby isn’t coming out your options are C-section or to get cut or else you rip and get stitches. She should have done more research and asked more questions during pregnancy and it would have been an issue. Some women have small openings what else did she expect omg.

  2. So having an uncut vagina is more important to her than endangering the life of her baby? Constantly pushing and his head not coming out is stressful on the baby. A few stitches will make her better than virginal if that was her problem. Some women and their priorities.

  3. An episiotomy normally has very little to do with the baby’s safety. The perineum will tear instead. The article never said that the baby was crowning nor if the baby was in any distress. But is is not a necessity but rather a precaution for smoother healing. If she did not want it, she did not want it. It was an issue when I had my son. But they wanted to do an emergency c-section which I did not want. I did not have an episiotomy nor a c-section and my son is 22. Somehow I feel that there is a lot more to this story.

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