Woman Who Was “Happy and Healthy” Dies After Taking Diet Pills and Becoming Violently Ill


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Commercials for diet pills are everywhere. Every time you turn on the television you are guaranteed to see at least one ad about losing weight. With so many Americans being obese these days it is no wonder why. Before you pick up the phone to order that free trial however think about whether it is really a safe option or whether you should stick to eating healthy and exercising instead.

Sonnette Marras died last week after becoming very sick. She became sick after taking the diet pill OxyElite Pro. She developed liver failure and passed away.. She is the first person to have died in an ongoing investigation into this diet supplement and another one which has not yet been named. Others have come down with illnesses that range from hepatitis to liver failure.

Marras had been very healthy before she began taking the supplement but just wanted to lose a little bit of weight. She was only 48 when she died. After just a few weeks of taking the supplement she became extremely ill. Her son said that she experienced vomiting or nausea constantly and would throw up anything that she tried to eat. She was flown to a hospital in Oahu to be put under observation and to go through tests to see what was wrong.

While she is the first to actually die, there have been others that have come close. A few have even had to have a liver transplant; all from an attmept to lose weight with a diet pill. The Department of Health is looking into the supplement and one other and are trying to determine if it was the supplement and its ingredients that were responsible or a combination of different factors.

Marras had 7 children; the youngest being 13 months old. She was going to be put on the transplant list however a lump that turned out to be [email protected] cancer was found and made her ineligible.


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