Woman’s Death Causes Many To Question if NuvaRing is Killing Women


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Today I come to you, the readers, with a very important topic. I had a personal experience with this and would like to share it so that everyone knows the dangers and takes precautions. I am talking about the NuvaRing birth control. Now, a some women do not ever have a problem with the NuvaRing and absolutely love it as a birth control option. I did too until three months into using it I was found to have 132 blood clots in my lungs because of it.

The NuvaRing is a hormonal birth control that is inserted into the [email protected] and remains there for three weeks. You take it out for a week, much like when you take the placebo pill with the birth control pill. After the placebo week is over, you insert a new ring. It is easy because you do not have to remember to take something every day and you really forget that it’s even there. It is said to have less hormones than the pill, however that is false. It actually has 25% more hormones. Most women are fine with this, but there are a few who have suffered serious side effects from it. Some have even died, like a woman in Omaha who was found dead in her home with a blood clot in her lung.

Some women’s bodies cannot handle excess hormones. The hormones end up causing life-threatening side effects such as cancer and blood clots. If you don’t realize that you have cancer you end up feeding it as you have more and more hormones running through you. If you are on the NuvaRing and have any of the following symptoms, it is best to be checked out by a doctor:

– Red and swollen arms or legs (this could indicate a blood clot)
– Trouble breathing
– Chest pain
– Crushing feeling in the chest
– Severe migraines
– Syncope (fainting)

I put off being checked out for my symptoms which were chest pain, trouble breathing, and feeling like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. One day I passed out while sitting on the couch watching TV and finally decided it was time to see a doctor. A CT Scan later I was hospitalized for three days and had to go on blood thinners. As a result I can no longer have children as the excess hormones could kill me. The doctor told me that I had another 24 hours until I would have dropped dead with no explanation.

Now this is not to scare anyone away from the NuvaRing. Just remain informed and be aware of the side effects. Get checked out right away if you notice anything strange.



  1. LMAO!!!
    How strange! or shall I say what a coincidence… from the Nuva-Ring to the Blue Pill.. Can’t you guys see the big picture NOW.. What’s my beef! I have a claim against Johnson and Johnson, and my life will never ever be the same again. ANYTHING (DESIGNED-fabricated) in a chemical-lab is foreign to the natural body. They are using us as test-tubes and making money off us at the same time. HELLO!!! and might I add another way to kill us off. (stop-procreation)…

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