Woman’s Family Heartbroken After She Dies From Surgery To Enlarge Her Behind


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

People who are extremely dissatisfied with parts of their body often turn to plastic surgery to correct whatever they don’t like. Plastic surgery is not cheap and insurance normally does not cover it as it is a cosmetic surgery as opposed to one that is medically necessary. This leads people to shop around for cheaper options in other countries. Unfortunately the consequence of seeking out these surgeons in foreign countries is that you get what you pay for. Botched surgeries happen all the time as many of these surgeons are not licensed to practice medicine. This is the route that 23 year old Joy Williams went and she paid the ultimate price.

Williams is a British-Nigerian woman who was not happy with her backside. Instead of seeing a reputable doctor she shopped around for one who was cheaper. She ended up going to Thailand and seeing a surgeon named Sompob Sansiri, 51, who was only charging roughly $4,000 as opposed to $14,000-$16,000 like most surgeons. She thought that she was getting a great deal on buttock implants. She had the surgery but then something went wrong. She had to go back because the implant didn’t feel right and it needed to be corrected. She never made it out of the second surgery alive.

Williams’ family said that they have no idea what it was that caused her death during the second surgery. The investigation is ongoing and Sansiri has been arrested and charged with negligence. He is facing up to 10 years in prison as he did not have a license to practice medicine. Sadly this is not the first time a woman has died from having this type of implants either. A 20 year old woman from London named Claudia Aderotimi died in 2011 after a buttock implant surgery that was performed in Philadelphia. She had chest pains after her surgery and ended up dying.

Cases like these really bring to light the importance of finding someone reputable even if they do cost more upfront. Isn’t the cost of a life a lot more than having to pay a little more money for someone who knows what they are doing?



  1. Bloody hell what is it with these women nowadays?I really don’t have too much sympathy for people who are ready to get themselves all mutulated just for appearances sake.In this case it cost the woman her life.Nothing but pure stupidness.

    • sharon anthony on

      I completely agree with you. What is wrong with people these days, men are getting things done to them too! It’s worse now, with more people doing these body revisions, as if they are clay to sculpt. My mother told me back in say 1930-1940 time women would have their last rib removed to make their waistline longer. I don’t know how true that is. People should just be happy with what God and their parent gave them. Now if someone is deformed of course plastic surgery if it would help. Not for vanity’s sake though.

      • Having one’s lower ribs removed is still common today. People can do what they want but most of the people who have these types of surgeries suffer from low self-esteem and would be better off in the long run investing their money in psychological counseling. Personally, I have never found the “blow-up doll” look attractive. I find a man or woman who eats a healthy, compassionate diet and stays in shape through pleasurable, no-cost exercise like walking (including dog walking), swimming, hiking and biking to be the most attractive to me.

  2. The airfare to these countries are not cheap… What you would of paid for a plane ticket and hotel costs, could of went to the surgery itself… so your not really saving that much money. Either way, its not worth the risk… Just be satisfied with what you have… It isnt worth putting your life in danger.

  3. @EasyJesus66, you are correct, airfare and hotel fees plus money for the surgery with a questionable doctor. She could have paid that money and made arrangements to get the rest on a payment plan if getting a big/bigger buttocks was that important to her. I just don’t understand the need for these enhancements, when you have confidence that is more sexy than all the fake body parts in the world. Hopefully more women will realize that before it’s too late.

  4. she probably needed to enhance her earning potentials. There are loads of services being offered out there where a biggie shapely bottom is more desirable. It was a bad investment and she lost it all in the process. Unfortunately I guarantee no lessons would be learnt by similar foolish and ignorant ladies like her. The sad story continues. If it’s not Thailand, it may be the corny village in Brazil.

    • Hazelphine Townsend on

      Lunges squat bridges donkey kicks a whole host of things including a couple of herbal . supplements such as Maca and motiche palm fruit they are plant estrogen which healthy alternative to the meds the physician would prescribed

  5. Self esteem issues seem to be prevalent in our Black community.This young lady had those issues.It is unfortunately a common problem with young women as they are shown ridiculous butts and breasts which are to them the epitome of femininity.It is very important for our community to make sure our young people understand the concept of “bigness”

  6. It’s a lot pressure on being beautiful sadly women fall for it. It’s all because of Men women care about what they think

  7. What’s the girl’s name that was on the View, Sherrie something? Didn’t she just have it out with her husband over their baby? She used to not have much derriere and she did squats and built herself one.. Why not save the money and grow your booty to boot?


  9. I just like to say I do have sadness in my heart for this young lady. society plays a big role in the rap songs are and not saying all rap its just its seems the younger generation is all focus on the buttocks instead of focusing on being intelligent.

  10. This is a seriously sad story. If someone wants to go to such lengths to have an implant like this why not just go for padded pants. This is a reckless and almost a suicidal why of ending ones life.

    We need to be satisfied with how God has made us and not seek plastic surgery as an alternative.

    I feel it for her family.

  11. Love yourself and know that you are enough. Do not look to stars to emulate. They are not all natural and a lot of times, but have the money to go to the best surgeons for their procedure. Turn off the TV, put down the fashion magazines and start working on yourself because you worth it. Start going to the gym, invest in a trainer and therapist if you have too,not a doctor to change the beauty you already possess.

  12. It is really sad when a bad decision ends your life. I wish people contemplating these types of unnecessary surgeries would pay attention to the numerous articles reporting the terrible results and think twice before doing it. Unfortunately, many more will die or be disfigured because the desire to satisfy someones else’s standards of beauty will prevail over common sense. It would also help if others would not make critical comments that assist in lowering self-esteem. Recently, I switched to a high fiber, low carb diet for health reasons. My new eating habits caused me to drop a few pounds and a co-worker commented just yesterday that my stomach seemed to stick out, and suggested I might consider a tummy tuck. I don’t understand why people say things like that when it’s none of their business. A lesser person would have felt ugly, luckily I don’t care what others think. Her comments could have had a bad impact on someone with a poor body image or one with less confidence. I will pray for healing for this lady’s family. So sad.

  13. Tiamette, I completely agree with you. Sometimes people just want what they want and they don’t always make the best decisions when they attempt to get it. This woman has suffered the worst and now, so is her family. You may not have to have sympathy but at least have some respect for the deceased and her family.

  14. The crazy thing is, being of Nigerian ancestry, she most probably was blessed with a beautifully shaped body to begin with – better than any of us Caucasians could ever even hope for!

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