Women Can’t Say “Not tonight, honey, I have a headache”; S*x Can Cure Headache, Says Study


headacheBy Staff Blogger

“Not tonight honey, I have a headache.” It is a cliché but common excuse that a woman will give a man so he will stop pawing at her at the end of the day. Ladies, if you want to keep using that excuse, don’t let your man read this article. A new study shows that s*x can actually help that headache and prevent recurring ones.

Migraine sufferers may not feel like getting down and dirty because when you have a migraine you can barely move, but studies have shown that an 0rgasm will help to relieve that headache quickly. The University of Munster in Germany studied 800 subjects that suffered from migraines and 200 who suffered from cluster headaches. Only 40% of them mailed the survey back for the study. The survey was about their s-xual activity and how it impacted their headaches, if at all.

Around one-third of the people who answered the survey said that they had participated in s*xual activity while they had a migraine or headache. Of the migraine sufferers, 60% said their headaches were relieved right away, and a third said it made it worse. As for those with cluster headaches, 50% reported that it made it worse and one-third said it helped.

The basis behind this theory that migraines can be helped with 0rgasms is all about endorphins. Your body releases these when you experience an 0rgasm. Endorphins are like an opiate, they block out pain. Endorphins can also be released when engaging in extreme sports such as triathlons.

Women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines and 17% of women have them. The most common drugs that are prescribed only help 60-80% of those women.


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