Women: Causes Of Low S*x Drive


low driveThere are many factors out there that can affect your s*x drive. In 2010, a study was done involving more than 1,000 women that took oral contraceptives. The study showed that these women experienced lower levels of ar0usal and s*xual desire than women who did not take oral contraceptives.

It is difficult to maintain any s*xual desire when you are exhausted. Back in 2011, a study showed that people who are lacking in sleep struggled with their s*x drive. Men experienced a notable loss in testosterone when they got less than five hours of sleep per night.

Eating too much also proved to negatively affect the  “mojo”. Too much saturated fat can clog your arteries. This can then affect how much blood can pump to your s*xual organs. A reduction in blood flow results in a reduction of s*x drive.

Eating too little can also effect your s*x drive. Eating less than your normal amount of calories can effect your longevity. People who restrict their calories by 10 to 50 percent experience this change the most. Being hungry probably doesn’t make you feel that s*xy either.

No one should be surprised that stress can have negative effects on your libid0. In 2010, a study was done with postmenopausal women who struggled with a low s*x drive. The research concluded that stress and fatigue were big factors in their lowered libid0s. 60 percent of the women in the study said that those factors greatly effected them.

Both depression and antidepressants affect s*x drive. Research shows that 70 percent of unmedicated people who suffer from depression lose interest in s*x, and some antidepressants have been found to cause s*xual dysfunction.


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