Women Suing Fox Reveal Racial Discrimination Details


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: ABC News

This past Wednesday (April 5th) on Good Morning America, three black women who were previously employed by Fox News publicly spoke about details concerning their discrimination lawsuit against the ultra-conservative cable news network.

Tichaona Brown (pictured far left), Tabrese Wright (second from far left), and Monica Douglas (second from far right) are former employees of the Fox News payroll department. On April 4th, the three women filed a 36-page lawsuit against their former employer, which accused Fox News executives of committing unrelenting acts of racism without the agency doing anything about it.

Judith Slater (a white woman), is the Senior Vice President of Accounting at Fox News. In the three women’s lawsuit, Slater is accused of constantly ridiculing and belittling black employees. Brown said her “tipping point” occurred when Slater and other white employees starting mocking the Black Lives Matter Movement.

““Instead of saying good night back, she’d be all like, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot,’” Brown during her appearance on the show.

Brown also explained an incident where Slater gave her some Post-it notes, which ordered her to say the words “ask,” “mother,” and “father.” Brown said that Slater communicated to her that these three words were regularly mispronounced by black people.

Wright recalled an incident about Slater where the accounting executive called Wright’s department the “Urban Payroll Division.” Wright also talked about an incident that happened in the elevator. During this described scenario, Wright mentioned that she was taking some leftover food home to her three children.

“All by the same man?” Wright says Slater asked her. “I was shocked,” Wright said on the show.

However, the claims Douglas made about Slater were the most gut-wrenching. She claimed Slater called her “cancer girl” and made fun of her because she had one of her breasts removed during a cancer surgery.

“That’s really the bigger story here,” the women’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, said on Good Morning America. “There really is a cover-up going on at Fox at the highest level,” he continued.

To watch an ABC News report, which covers this appalling case of institutional racism, visit the link to the source given for this article.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/fox-news-faces-lawsuit-alleging-appalling-discrimination-46589988





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