Women Think Surgically Altered [email protected]!nas Look More “Normal”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A recent study that was conducted and published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed that once women had seen photos of surgically altered lady parts, their views of what “normal” should look like down there changed and was skewed.

There were 97 women involved in the study who ranged in age from 18-30. They were each put into one of three different groups. The first group looked at photos of an unaltered [email protected] The second group was asked to look at photos of a surgically altered [email protected] The third group did not look at any type of photos at all. They were then asked to look at 20 photos that were both surgically altered and were unaltered. They were asked which was more “normal” looking according to society.

Out of all three of the groups the group that had viewed the photos of surgically enhanced [email protected] said that those ones out of the last block of 20 were the ones that looked the closest to what a “normal” [email protected] should look like. The group that had viewed the photos of the natural [email protected] said that the unaltered ones were the closest to “normal”. All three of the groups agreed that the photos of the surgically enhanced lady parts were the ones that were the closest to what society’s ideal [email protected] looks like. The first group felt the strongest about this but the other two groups also agreed.

So the conclusion that could be drawn from this study is that women feel that the surgically altered private parts were more the “social norm” as opposed to those that had not been touched by plastic surgery. This could be equivalent to men looking at a “normal” or average sized pen!s and then ones from p-0-rn stars and saying that the parts of the p-0-rn star were more socially ideal.



    • Isnt it sad. Everything now has to be altered, changed, fixed or over enhanced. Natural isnt good enough anymore due to the ignorance of people and the influence of media. The obsession of vanity is crazy and the new perception over the last 15-20yrs is even more insane. People especially women are chasing media driven dreams and images. Fantasies. These guys keep the market fresh so those that get caught up in it bring them $1000.s just to get CUT. Your paying to be experimented on and for them to alter and usually take something from you. These guys are Frankenstein’s [money grabbers] and you all are the gunny pigs.

      • BigShot…

        It is sooo stankin sad!!! it really make me wanna cry, bring tears to my eyes especially for my sistahs because those who indulge don’t like what they see each morning they look into the mirror and start painting their faces covering up their natural beauty because they feel like that’s what it takes to catch a blackman and keep one. They forget once they catch him the clown-suit has to come off and he has to see them for who they really are under the MEDIA-SUIT.
        I’m just a proud black-women who just can’t and refuse to adhere to the perpertraitors. If a man don’t like me for who I am with my struggles or with-out my struggles / good and bad then he’s not for me in the first place and God always has a RAM IN THE BUSH…
        When you don’t like what you see in the mirror its just like telling your God he’s a lie and you don’t approve of what HE created. God didn’t make any mistakes with his creations or he would have destroyed it long time ago. But everybody don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear SO….

    • PU$$Y’$..
      Don’t spell it BigWill, just say it.. I’ve been trying to tell my sista’s for a long time while they set back and sugar-coat V-JJ BS to our daughters, our men refer to us as PU&&Y’& in the presence of their buddies…LMAO Yall sho don’t call it V-JJ…

      Truth Be Told…..Thnx

    • and your so right about all that d**m pounding, thank God mine was rescued by an older-man /gentlemen who taught me well.. We abuse our bodies in a million and one ways especially when we’re lacking education in those areas…

  1. Come on now, no one is MORE judgemental about black womens looks than other black women. Some of us are QUICK to call another black woman ugly. If a male celeb has a black girlfriend or wife, some of us will judge her looks and say the man could have done “better” or needs to “upgrade”. Black women will even flip through celeb mags and blogs, point out some of the most beautiful black women, look for the tiniest flaws, and nitpick about them. There was a pic of Kerry Washington without makeup a few years back…the woman had a few acne scars, and black women ripped her to shreds. Some of us have clowned Oprahs feet, criticized beautiful Naomi Campbell for having big feet, have called Denzels wife ugly, said they cant stand Kerry Washingtons mouth and that she needs to eat a “sammich” because shes too thin, said Sanaa Latham should fix her scar, she would be prettier without it, said that both Serena and Venus were ugly and that Serena looks like a man, said Viola Davis didnt “look right” with her own god given natural hair-even Wendy Williams criticized her hair and said it didnt “look right” on the red carpet. Even when black women who were obese lost weight black women couldnt just big up them…Mo’Nique lost almost 100 pounds and does bootcamp training and looks great, but black women said she “looked better” obese and her head looked too big for her body. The same thing was said about Jennifer Hudson. The young black gold medalist Gabby Douglass was dogged unmercifully about her hair and she was just a young girl, and said she wasnt “pretty”. Angie Stone has been compared to a gorilla, Natalie Cole has been criticized terribly for “looking bad”, well the woman hepatitis and had a double kidney transplant some time ago. And lets not even talk about the horrible comments about Gabby Sidibe (Precious). Oh one more thing….while Obama was campaigning in 2008, there were plenty of unkind remarks made about Michelle Obamas looks, that she wasnt pretty and didnt “look like” a 1st lady, And that she didnt “look good” next to Obama. So please, give me a dayum break, the righteous indignation in these comments are ridiculous. N