Women Who Love Themselves Have Happier, Healthier Relationships


Woman Receiving FlowersOne of the short-comings of living in a society that promotes consumerism is that we get a lot of messages that are ultimately telling us that the key to our happiness and living joy-filled lives lies in getting more “things” and is actually an external process.

When a woman fully accepts herself for who she is, good and bad, she can enjoy more peace. Another way we disturb our inner peace is by comparing ourselves or our lives to other people. When we are not at peace with ourselves, we are less likely to have healthy relationships.

Self-Love is not the same thing as vanity. But, we often get it twisted! Vanity and narcissism are actually the opposite of self-love, as they are based in fear and lack. It is when the ego mind wants to make you feel special or better than others and thus creates illusions to support the idea. It’s when motivation comes from hopes of gaining attention or acceptance rather than coming from the heart and done with pure intentions. Confident people who love themselves unconditionally do not think they are better than anybody else. Contrarily, they tend to see the beauty and oneness in all. Having true love and acceptance of self allows you to love and accept others more deeply, as well as receive love more fully.

If you want to give yourself all the love you deserve, here are some tips to put into practice:

  • Believe this: You are meant to shine! Many walk through life blending in, afraid to tap into their full potential, and living watered-down versions of who they are meant to be. It is true that our biggest fear is not being inadequate but rather of being powerful beyond measure. We all have our own unique gifts to offer the world — let ’em out!
  • Practice mindfulness to develop true sense of self. Practicing being still and in-the-moment helps us to become more aware of our inner voice, what we stand for, and who we really are deep inside. Many identify with material things like titles, awards, degrees, and the actual physical body as definition of self, but the essence of who we really are actually is what we find in our heart and at our soul level. Get to know the real you and you’ll be thinking, “What’s not to love?!”

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