Women With Fake [email protected] More Likely To Die Of [email protected] Cancer


Vivica A. FoxBefore it became a trend for women to want bigger behinds more than they valued their health and well-being it was more common to hear about women getting work done on their [email protected] Now, everyday we hear about some woman who has had chemicals injected in her behind that have adversely affected her health and caused her body to be disfigured.

While we do not hear as many stories about women who have had [email protected] implants at non-licensed “backdoor” places, women who have had implants are still more likely to die of cancer than women who have not.

Breast cancer appears more deadly for women with cosmetic implants, perhaps because it’s detected at a more advanced stage, a meta-analysis showed.

Breast cancer patients were a significant 38% more likely to die from their disease if they had implants than if they didn’t, Eric Lavigne, PhD, of Laval University in Quebec, and colleagues reported online in BMJ.

And women with implants were 26% more likely to present with a nonlocalized stage of breast cancer than other women, although a nonsignificant trend at P=0.058.

“Better understanding of the detection of breast cancer and survival patterns following diagnosis of breast cancer among women with implants will aid in giving clear information on the consequences of breast augmentation surgery to these women and their physicians,” Lavigne’s group wrote.

“The fact that implants may interfere with the early detection of breast cancer is particularly relevant and carries with it important clinical and public health implications,” they wrote.

They urged caution in interpreting the results and called for further study, pointing to lack of adjustment for potential confounders in some of the studies included in the meta-analysis.

But, although most studies do not demonstrate an association between implants and breast cancer, a link is plausible, the group explained.

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  1. Are you aware that half the time after a mastectomy the women are then given breast implants? Again, every time you post something about health you never do any research to look more into what these studies. Did the research state whether they also included women who had mastectomies and then got breast implants were at hire risk? I’m betting you didn’t look into that.(smh) Do actual journalism because you aren’t informing kin folk you’re putting it out on the internet which is far reaching.

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