Women With No Babies Deserve “Meternity” Leave Like New Mothers, Says Writer


By: Krystle Crossman

Meghann Foye, author for the New York Post, wrote an article that has some people scratching their heads in confusion. She wrote about how women who do not have babies should also get a maternity leave from work. But if you do not have a baby, why should you get weeks off of work? Foye had heard stories of women who faked being pregnant just so they could take some time off of work and have a little “me” time in order to get a break for once. Women tend to burn out faster and burn out more when they are at work as opposed to men. We tend to push ourselves past our limits and stop taking care of ourselves when we are in a work environment.

Foye says that she thinks that everyone should be able to have what she calls “meternity leave”, including men. But she feels that women need these breaks more. She says that women need to take some time to get away from work and focus on themselves. Even when they don’t have children, women are always looking to take care of others. This can cause women to have breakdowns and burnouts at a much quicker rate than men. Having some time off to take care of themselves for once would help them to get back into a relaxed state of mind. They will come back to work refreshed and full of ideas. Wouldn’t this be something that employers should be jumping at?

Foye herself took a “meternity leave” after her father passed away. She realized that she felt like she was being chained to work and wasn’t grieving and taking care of herself like she should have been. While she was on her leave she wrote a book called Meternity. When she came back to work she felt more confident and relaxed than she had in a while. Foye plans on starting a family one day but feels like women who do not have children are given the short straw when it comes to flexibility at work. She uses the example of a woman saying that she had to leave early or rearrange her schedule to pick up her child or because her child was sick. If a woman went to her boss and said that her friend was having a horrible day and needed some girl time, that flexibility with scheduling seems to disappear. While both may be valid reasons for wanting to leave work, only one really works when changing a schedule.

Do you think that hard-working women who do not have children should get a leave that is much like a maternity leave?



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