Women With Wider Hips Have More $exual Partners?


By: Krystle Crossman

A new study conducted at the University of Leeds in the UK shows that there may be a correlation to a woman’s hip size and her s*xual behavior. They studied 148 women ages 18 to 26 that lived near the campus. Each woman had her hip measurements taken and recorded. The study was published in the Archives of S*xual Behavior.

After their measurements were recorded the women had to fill out a questionnaire that was about their s*xual history. Some of the questions included what age they lost their virgin!ty at, any significant s*xual relationships that they have had, and how many partners that they have had. Along with the hip measurement a waist measurement was taken as well. Previous research has shown that a woman’s attractiveness to men partially relies on the hip to waist ratio.

Some of the results that they found during the study were pretty interesting. They found that women who had a wider hip width were more likely to have more one-night stands in their history than those with small hips. They also had higher numbers of encounters per year and number of partners per year. They found that the waist to hip ratio really did not matter all that much. The researchers state that these results may be because evolution has shown that women with wider hips are considered more fertile because they have what is known as “birthing hips”. Wider hips also lower a woman’s risk for complications during childbirth. They said that instinctually their s*xual behavior goes along with this bit of evolution and influences it because the risk is not as great if they get pregnant. It may be a stretch but it is interesting nonetheless.



  1. No….we just get hit on more….with all that’s going on, you can not say yes or even entertain this kind of nonsense.

  2. Duhhh tell us something that we don’t already know. LOL It shouldn’t take a study to know that they attract more attention than narrow hip women. What’s next, women with bigger breast attract more attention?? lol Funny article made me laugh when I read the headline.

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