Workplace Habits: Tips to Stop that Snacking Habit


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you are at work you are probably like millions of other people and snacking every chance that you get. It could be because you are hungry, but it is most likely because you are bored, tired, stressed, or trying to avoid doing something that you don’t want to work on. Here are some ways to stop yourself from reaching for food constantly during the workday.

1. Keep track of your snacking habits for one week. Make a note of whether you are actually feeling hungry at the time you grabbed some munchies or whether something else was going on. Also keep track of what you are eating. This may give you some insight as to why you are snacking so much.

2. Make note of what time of the day is the best time for you and when you are the most productive. Get all the hard or annoying projects out of the way during this time so that you have the energy and focus to do it and will not be bored later on, causing you to reach for the chips.

3. While you are making note of when your best time of day is, also make note of the worst. Are you constantly snacking at a certain time of the day? Are you most tired right before your shift ends? When do you have the hardest time concentrating on the task at hand? Do your easy work during those times.

4. Get some fun back into your day. Sometimes we use food as a crutch for being sad, or bored, or stressed. Take some time to have some fun and blow off some steam so that your mood improves and you will be less likely to seek food out as a comfort.

5. Eat the best lunch that you can. Eat something healthy and filling, with a lot of fiber or protein so that you stay full. Keep a glass of cold water at your desk and when you think about reaching for a snack, reach for the water instead.


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