World Health Org. Says 1 in 3 Women Are Physically or S-exually Violated; 38% K!lled By Partners


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According to a study by the World Health Organization, one in three women suffer physical or s-xual abuse at some point in their lifetime. More often than not, this abuse comes at the hands of their significant other. Dr. Margaret Chan who is the director-general at the World Health Organization calls this a “global health problem of epidemic proportions”. The report shows that 35.6% of women around the world go through this abuse.

Women that are abused like this have a higher risk of depression, alcohol or drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies and ab0rtions, HIV/AIDS, and injuries. Another shocking statistic shows that 38% of women who are murdered are k!lled by their partner. This is compared to 6% or men who are murdered.

The sad fact is that these numbers are more likely than not much higher than reported. This is attributed to the fact that many women who suffer physical or s-xual abuse do not report it for fear of backlash or retaliation from the person who is abusing them. The report was also hindered by a lack of information from places like central Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and East and Central Asia.

The information in the report shows that in Southeast Asia  37.7% of women experiencing violence by their partner. The countries included in this data were Bangladesh, Timor-Leste, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India. America came in at 29.8%. When factoring in violence that was not from a partner, 45.6% of females in Africa experienced abuse.

WHO is trying to educate people on patterns of violence and abuse. They are also pushing for better [email protected] care and specialized healthcare training. While violence is inevitable, there should still be programs out there to educate women on recognizing these patterns and giving them a safe place to go if they are being abused.


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