Worst Places to be a Mother


black-mother-babyBy Staff Blogger

It is hard to be a mother in today’s world, but there are countries that are much harder than others to raise a child. Here are the top ten countries where it is the hardest to be a mother.

1. The Democratic Republic of Congo – One in six children will die before they turn five. There is a one in thirty risk of maternal death, and the gross national income per person is only $190. Only 8% of the seats in the parliament are made up of women.

2. Somalia – Only 2.4 years of formal school are expected in Somalia. It is a dangerous country especially for young women.

3. Sierra Leone – In this country there is a one in 23 risk of maternal death.

4. Mali – One in six children will die before they turn five years old.

5. Niger – Only 5.3 years of formal schooling is expected in Niger.

6. Central African Republic – One in six children will die before their fifth birthday.

7. Gambia – Women hold only 8% of the seats in parliament in Gambia.

8. Nigeria – Risk of maternal death is one in 29.

9. Chad – Risk of maternal death is one in 15.

10. Côte d’Ivoire – One in nine children will die before the age of five.

This list is compiled by the State of the World’s Mothers Report from 2013. The report evaluates 176 different countries and looks at maternal health, educational status, political status, and child health. All of the top 10 are sub-Saharan countries in Africa. Women in these countries are 120 times more likely to die during childbirth than those women who give birth in industrialized countries.



  1. Trina Harvey on

    Too bad these women can't run across the border for better medical etc. care for themselves and their (unborn) children.

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