Would You Eat Chocolate Covered Chips? Lay’s Made Them Specially For Women


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Lays and Target are pairing together to bring you some marketing genius. That’s right…chocolate dipped potato chips. These sweet and salty chips are targeted at the female demographic and with good reason. Many women these days are looking for something that is sweet but savory at the same time to snack on, especially around that time of the month!

The first run of these chips is going to be a trial. If they do well in sales Lay’s will be thinking about other products such as sugar-free chocolate potato chips, Stax chocolate dipped chips, and maybe even chocolate covered kettle chips. This could also open a whole new market for other chip producers once they see how quickly the salty-sweet treats flying off the shelves.

There have been companies that make these chips such as Utz and Herr’s but these are smaller companies that may not be available in all areas. Lay’s is a much larger scale and will reach a much larger target audience. There have been a few candy makers that have made chocolate covered chips such as Asher’s and Widman’s. Even Ben and Jerry’s dabble in the potato chip market with their Jimmy Fallon tribute ice cream called Late Night Snack.

Chips are not the first salty snack to be drenched in chocolate and most likely will not be the last. Pretzels that are dipped in chocolate have been on the market for quite some time and do well. Think about other sweet and salty snacks that you like such as sea-salted caramels, tortilla chips dipped in a frozen flavored margarita (don’t knock it until you try it), or French fries in a Wendy’s Frosty. There is just something about this combination that satisfies cravings all over the world and it will be interesting to see how well these chips do!



  1. Oh these chips are wonderful. I ordered some a couple of years ago from a company called Figi’s. They are somewhat expensive but worth every penny. I am glad to hear that Lay’s is bringing the chocolate potato chips on board. You all have got to try them. I am telling you, there’s nothing like it.

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