Would You Live Tweet Your Baby’s Birth? This Woman Did


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are some moments that are private…such as giving birth. But with the way social media and technology are these days, even giving birth is no longer a private or quiet affair. Ruth Iorio decided that she was going to live Tweet during her birth to let everyone know what was going on as it was happening. Usually Twitter is reserved for business plugs, or rantings about your favorite person going home on American Idol but not for Ruth!.

When she went into labor with her son on December 26th, Iorio decided that would be the perfect time to whip out her phone. She began with updates about how contractions feel. She took an Instagram photo of herself before the birth. She had someone take another photo as she was crouched in the tub after her water broke. And finally she had a photo taken of her baby lying on top of her minutes after he arrived. Some would find this too much information that they do not want to see broadcast on their Twitter feed. Iorio says that she did it because she wanted to break the stereotype that every woman who had a home birth was either a hippie or someone that didn’t want to bother with a trip to the hospital.

One of Iorio’s main points to this story is that the US is trying to get rid of midwives. The minute a woman goes into labor she is packed up and on her way to the hospital when in reality her contractions are still very far apart and she will probably be sent home multiple times before they finally keep her there. For all the time that they are in checking on her and sending her home, women who are farther into labor could be attended to. Iorio stresses the importance of midwives and says that there should be people around to help mothers in labor at home until they are truly ready for the hospital.

Would you live Tweet your child’s birth to prove a point?


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  1. You never when something can go very, very wrong, and with many new mothers of today in their late 30’s, 40’s, and even one or two in their 50’s, I think a hospital is a safer bet for the health of both mother and child.

    And as for “tweeting” it? Well…..no…

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