Would You Serve Your Man V!agra-Laced Ice Cream as A Treat Before The Treat?


By: Krystle Crossman

Ice cream is eaten around the world for many different reasons. Women sometimes eat it when they are sad. Children eat it on a hot summer day. Now there is a new incentive for men to eat ice cream. Charlie Harry Francis, the self-proclaimed “Edible Inventor”, has created an ice cream that is sure to perk men right up…literally. The new flavor of ice cream tastes like champagne and is called “arousal”. The reason for this name has nothing to do with the flavor of the ice cream however. It is due to the fact that the ice cream contains 25mg of V!agra.

According to his blog titled “Lick Me Deliciously”, Francis stated that he was asked to create this interesting flavor of ice cream for a celebrity who was having a party. Each scoop of the ice cream contains the same dose of medicine as the lowest dose of V!agra. He wouldn’t say who the celebrity was or what kind of party they were having, but in his words they were “very happy with the end result”.

This is not the first time that this arousing medication has been put into a tasty treat. A Colombian culinary school decided to make a passion-fruit dessert in 2009 that contained V!agra. It was for a showcase and was never put into the market. Francis has made his share of tasty ice cream flavors that will have people talking. He concocted the flavor “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” which was a meringue and white chocolate ice cream that had a mango coulis on top. He has also invented a glow-in-the-dark ice cream as well as a sprout sorbet. Francis said that there are no plans to put “arousal” on the market, but he is happy to make the flavor for clients.


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