Would You Share Your Husband With Four Other “Wives”? These Women Do


By: Krystle Crossman

TLC has debuted a new show called “My Five Wives”. It is about a polygamist family in Utah. The man that is the center of the marriages has fathered 24 children with the five different women. The show is a reality series that will follow the family through their daily lives to get an inside look at what it is like to be in a polygamist family.

The husband’s name is Brady Williams, 43. His wives are Rhonda (43), Paulie (41), Robyn (40), Rosemary (40), and Nonie (35). Williams is legally married to Paulie while the other co-habitate with them. Each woman has have four to six children each. They call this household a progressive polygamy system because they believe in equality for everyone and they believe in a God that loves and accepts everyone. They are not in the relationship together for religious reasons, but for love. They have been estranged from family members that do not agree and have been shunned by the church that they attended. In the end they say it’s all worth it.

During the filming of the show they will follow the family around for three months to see the family joy and the arguments that happen when you have this large of a family. The wives live in a separate house and every night a different woman will stay in the main house with Brady. They want to show people that polygamy is not something that should be as controversial as it is and they want to open people’s eyes to what really goes on in the household. Their struggles with marriage and family issues are the same, just on a larger scale than most.



  1. WHERE does he get the stamina to please 5 women? Yes, I’d love to come home to an already clean home with dinner cooking, but sexually, where does 1 man have the energy? NO thanks! I have a husband and he can hardly satisfy me everytime I want it.

  2. It would be a honor to love and share a husband, who has more than one or four, if he is doing it for the right reasons: The family! On the show, he is taking his responsibility seriously, knowing how much money is necessary to provide, hard at work to obtain. The husband seems to be interested, how each wife thinks and feels. The children appear to be thriving! If I would share, all the woman would have to be loving, secure, wise, selfless, family oriented, with similar life goals! I imagine this is an challenging life, but anything worth while is an challenge! This life is not for many, however lessons can be learned. I know there are many woman, who are married to one man, but are sharing him, unknowingly or knowingly. If I choose to share, I rather do it the way it works for all involved!!!!

  3. Hidaya call me I’ll show you. I’m taking applications for co-wife’s to share the love my wife and I have for family.

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