Would You Stick a Pod “Up There” to Give Your Baby a Concert Experience?


By: Krystle Crossman

Studies have shown that babies respond to music while they are still growing inside of their mothers’ bellies. Their neural development increases when they hear the sounds and their vocalization can be improved. A gynecological clinic called Institut Marquès has conducted research on the effects of sounds and music on a fetus. They have come up with a gadget that expectant mothers may be a little wary about at first but there are guaranteed to be many who will buy this product.

The BabyPod gives babies a musical experience that is unlike any other. It is a small speaker that connects to your iPod or smartphone and is then inserted into the [email protected] like a tampon. The unobstructed sound flows through the uterus and right into your unborn child’s developing brain. The studies show that the effects can be seen in a fetus that is at least 16 weeks old.

This product can help to encourage the “Mozart Effect” which is brought on by classical music. Psychologist Frances Rauscher conducted a study on 36 children to see what happened when their mothers listened to classical music while they were still in utero. The results were interesting and showed that the children that were exposed to Mozart’s sonata in D major had better problem-solving skills and a slightly higher IQ than the children that were exposed to a relaxation track or silence.

The BabyPod’s developers aim to reach out to expectant mothers all over the world and show them how beneficial music can be for their unborn child. It is easy to use and will not hurt the ears of the fetus. During Christmas, performer Soraya Arnelas gave a concert to mothers who were using the BabyPod. The concert was streamed live so that they could listen on their cell phones and stream the music through the pod.


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