Wow: Christie Brinkley Is a “Cover-Girl” in a Swimsuit at 60 Years Old


By: Krystle Crossman

There are some celebrities that do not age well, and then there are women like Christie Brinkley that never seem to age at all. Brinkley will be turning 60 on February 2nd but when you see her on the February cover of People you would think she is half that age. She looks incredible in a blue one-piece bathing suit and is so proud of her body and how she has aged.

Brinkley tells readers that she is actually excited to turn 60. She feels that she is “at the top of her game” right now. She says that she would not wear a bikini for the cover however because of her kids. She said that her children would be so embarrassed and that when they go to public beaches she wear a one-piece so that her kids are seen with an “old broad in a bikini”.

There are many others who disagree with her children! MJ Day who is a senior sports editor for Sports Illustrated says that she looks absolutely beautiful and that she is someone that women aspire to look like when they are her age.

Brinkley tells her stay-young secrets in the issue of People but says that her real fountains of youth are her kids. She knows that they still have a lot of time together and she wants to keep it that way so she stays healthy. She wants to make sure that she is around for all of their different milestones in life. Her oldest is 28, her middle child is 18, and her youngest is 15 years old. She wants to be fit and healthy to set a good example for them and so that she is able to be there through all of their major moments in life.



  1. Big Up’s Ms. Brinkley this is awesome especially for a white woman, come to think of it I don’t even see many Black women that age this well today… keep it up..

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