Wow: Look at Jill Scott after Shedding Over 60 Pounds


By: Krystle Crossman

Jill Scott is a beautiful singer and role model for women everywhere. Her songs are sung for auditions to talent competitions all over the country. Most recently she has been a mentor for young singers on The Voice. She has also lost 63 pounds in the last two years and looks amazing. She adopted a new healthy lifestyle and it appears to be working wonders for her.

Scott’s son Jett was born in 2009 and when she looked at him she realized that she wanted to be around for him for a long, long time. She began to take control of her health. Scott now eats three low-fat healthy meals per day. For her exercise routine she does three 60 minute cardio workouts three times a week. She also does strength training three times a week with Scott Parker, her personal trainer. Scott says that she knows that she will never be a stick but she is going to continue working hard to make sure that she will be healthy for her son. She loves to take him along for bike rides whenever she goes so that he can be a part of what she is doing. It is a good reminder for her to have him there with her.

Jill is now down to 200 pounds and is still going to try as hard as she can to lose more weight. She is an inspiration to those who think that losing weight after having a child is impossible. She didn’t do a crazy diet or go insane with her exercises. Instead she adopted a healthier lifestyle than she had before and her bod is very obviously thanking her for it.



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