Yandy and Mendeecees Are Finalizing Their Marriage…For Real This Time


By Victor Trammell

One of Love and Hip-Hop’s most popular couples has made a big announcement concerning their well-publicized union.

According to GlobalGrind.com, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees are about to officially finalize their marriage by submitting the paperwork, which should have been sent off a short time after their televised marriage. In a recent interview with Bossip, Smith said she was ready to finally deal with the legal issues that were swept under the rug.

“We have definitely decided to go ahead and do the paperwork and all that stuff, not that I was so concerned or cared about that stuff, but it meant a lot to him,” Smith said in her interview.

However, obstacles still await the reality show stars due to the fact that Mendeecees is dealing with a very adverse situation right now. Global Grind reported the following on Thursday (February 16th):

Mendeecees is currently serving eight years in prison for drug trafficking, but is currently bidding for a shorter sentence. He argues that the sentencing guidelines the judge initially used have since expired and he would be a positive influence to young people caught in the street life. Smith and Mendeecees still wouldn’t be able to have conjugal visits, even if she’s successful with her marriage registration because Mendeecees in a federal prison. (GlobalGrind.com)

Though Mendeecees is incarcerated, Smith has voiced optimism about his situation.

“You will absolutely see Mendeecees sooner than you think,” Smith also said in her interview with Bossip. “[Our lawyers] put in a motion, so we’ll see what happens,” she continued.

Smith is remaining productive and looks to be a good support system for her incarcerated soon-to-be husband. In addition to already being a popular reality television star, she is in the process of launching a skin care product line, as well as a line of children’s books, Global Grind reports.

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