Yikes: This Woman Broke Her Man’s Pen!s By Mistake


By: Krystle Crossman

Sometimes when things get a little too rowdy in the bedroom accidents can happen. Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything differently and an accident can occur. One woman tells her story of how when she was 17 she broke her boyfriend’s pen!s without even knowing how she did it.

Rufi Thorpe had been settled in the basement with her boyfriend at the time for a few days. They had everything they needed down there including a bathroom and kitchenette so there was no need to venture out. She said that pretty much the entire weekend was spent rolling in the hay. One night they were trying to fall asleep but neither could manage to pass out. They ended up deciding to have a little fun instead. They weren’t doing anything strange but suddenly he jumped up while screaming in pain.

Thorpe couldn’t see what was going on as she had taken out her contacts earlier and was essentially blind without them. Her boyfriend told her that everything was inside out. She went to get his mother who worked in a nursing home. She quietly ran upstairs, wrapped in an afghan as she was not clothed at the time. She found his mother and told her that she needed to come down right away because something was wrong with her son.

His mother came down and after looking at the injury asked Thorpe what her son’s pen!s normally looked like. To demonstrate she pulled her nightgown sleeve down to her wrist and made a fist. She asked if that was right. Thorpe nodded. The mother then pulled her sleeve all the way over her fist and asked if it ever looked like that. Thorpe shook her head no. Why was she doing this? Her son had not been circumcised. The f*reskin was pulling back far tighter than it should have and in this case pulled back way too far which is why he was in so much pain. His mother instructed Thorpe to get baby oil. She then left the room only to come back a few minutes later. She demanded to see the injury again but her son did not want to cooperate. They chased each other around the room for a few minutes until Thorpe yelled at them.

In the end he was told by a doctor that he didn’t need to be circumcised but did need to massage the f*reskin with oil to make sure that it didn’t get too tight. So she hadn’t actually broken anything but she sure felt like she had.



  1. J Andrew Killion on

    I bet after word got out about what had happened he didn’t have to worry about another man “hitting” on his old lady….lol

  2. First she was 17 in his parents basement for a weekend and neither mom had a issue here, plus she was 17. I will wager there was not a father in either home. I know several of these type of mothers with sons that have no problem with this behavior until the girl is knocked up and will scream its not my sons baby louder than her “baby”.

  3. I don’t know WTF and “inside out” is, nor do I wanna know. But it would help the male population to publish the name and zip code of the woman involved so that all sane males can avoid this circumstance altogether.