Yolanda Adams’ One Minute Weight-loss Tips


By: Krystle Crossman

Yolanda Adams is an American gospel singer who has sold over 8 million albums. She is also an actress and a host of a morning radio show. Billboard Magazine named her the #1 gospel artist of the decade in 2009. Now she hosts The Yolanda Adams Morning Show which is heard in over 39 markets. She came out with a list of 8 tips that only take a minute or two but can help you to lose weight over the long run.

1. Chew sugar-free gum. You can lose up to 10 extra pounds per year because not only does the chewing burn calories, but the gum increases your metabolism by 20% so you burn off more calories during the day.

2. Instead of drinking a diet shake, try sipping on a protein shake instead. It has more nutritional value than a diet shake and can help you to stay full through the day, especially if you take your time and sip.

3. Mix 4 ounces of your favorite fruit juice with water. You still get the taste, you still become hydrated, but there is less sugar and calories.

4. Drink green tea before you exercise. The caffeine and the antioxidants will help you to burn more calories.

5. Put chia seeds on your breakfast whether it’s cereal or a bagel. They help you to feel full through the day.

6. Bring a lunch to work instead of eating out or eating at a cafeteria. This can save you as much as 300 calories.

7. Put a little extra spice in your meals.

8. Go to the doctor and get a blood test that will show you how well your thyroid is functioning and if you have any sensitivities to foods.



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