You Can Eat 1000 Less Calories at Thanksgiving – Here’s How


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and fun. You may have regrets after the holiday however due to the amount of food that you will most likely eat! Don’t regret those calories the next day. Instead, cut down so that you don’t have to feel as guilty. Here are some ways that you can cut almost 1,000 calories from your Thanksgiving meal and still enjoy the day.

1. When you go for the turkey, try eating a smaller portion and go for the white meat only. Grab 3 ounces of turkey which is around the size of your palm. Leave the skin and the dark meat in the pan with the grease; these don’t do you any favors. This can save you around 200 calories.

2. Try making stuffed sweet potatoes which contain walnuts, seasonings, and veggies as opposed to slathering sweet potatoes with marshmallows or maple syrup. This healthy alternative to a Thanksgiving favorite can save you around 266 calories.

3. Switch up the recipe on your green bean casserole. Instead of using the fried onions on the top, try sautéing the green beans in garlic, olive oil, and seasonings instead. This can help you shave off around 135 calories.

4. As much as you may love your mashed potatoes, they are full of carbs and calories. Instead of taking a huge helping, take half of what you normally would. This can save you around 200 calories.

5. Apple pie is a given after a delicious holiday feast. The ice cream that you put on top adds more calories than you may want. Use low fat ice cream instead and save 160 calories.


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