You Can Get Much Healthier With Just One Change


singingBy Staff Blogger

What if you could make one change to your life and become much healthier? Well, you can…just go out and have more FUN! Having fun is something that many of us don’t allow ourselves to have these days, or just plain don’t have the time for. But there are many reasons that you should have fun more often. Below, are some of the health benefits of adding more fun to your life:

1. You will lose weight if you are out having fun. If you are focused on having a good time you are less focused on food and will eat less through the day. You will also be apt to be more active while you are out with friends or family enjoying the day.

2. You can rediscover yourself. Get back in touch with yourself. Tap back in with your inner child and rediscover your passions for life. Did you love to sing as a kid? Go out and do some karaoke with friends! Did you like to put on fashion shows? Go window shopping and give short shows for your friends in the dressing room.

3. Reconnect with your friends. With the busy hustle and bustle of our lives we often lose touch with friends. Get out every now and then and reconnect with them. Go have drinks or go out to a sporting event. You will notice that your stress and troubles just seem to melt away while you are chatting about life and catching up.

4. If you schedule some fun every week, it will give you something to look forward to. You will have something to focus on to get you through the week and hopefully something to distract you from mundane everyday tasks.

5. You will love yourself a little more. As part of your fun time out, pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day or a day relaxing on the beach. Get your hair done, nails done, or go for a run. Treat yourself and enjoy life.



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