You Can Improve Problem-Solving, Reduce Stress By Self-Affirmation


affirmationBy Staff Blogger

Just look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are a good person. That can help you to reduce stress and improve your problem solving skills. Research from Carnegie Mellon University says that self-affirmation is a way that you can boost your problem solving skills under pressure. It can also help to boost creativity by boosting your positive energy and getting rid of any negative thoughts caused by stress. Self-affirmation is a tool that people use when they feel that their self-image is being threatened.

 The researchers on the study followed 73 college students from two different urban colleges in Pittsburgh. They had an average age of 21. The test subjects were asked if they would take a questionnaire and writing activity before they took a standardized problem solving and creativity test. It ranked 11 values by their personal importance.

 Half of the students did the writing activity on their highest-ranked value and why it was so important to them. The other half wrote about their ninth value and why it is important to others. After they completed this they took the timed problem-solving test. There was an evaluator in the room who purposely caused stress in the students by telling them that they needed to try harder and their scores weren’t good enough. The stress levels of the students were rated by their questionnaire, blood pressure, and heart rate.

 Once the test was over they found that those who were in the first writing activity group did significantly better than those who did the second writing assignment. They said that it shows that self-affirmation helps reduce the stress that is induced and helps the creativity flow.



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