You Can Pursue Your Passion Even When Money Is Tight


bloggingYou can pursue your passion even when money is tight, so says New York Times bestselling author of  May Cause Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein.

Many people think that doing work that you love and are passionate about is not possible if you’re also trying to make a living and pay your bills. A lot of people will work at a place that they do not like, with people they don’t particularly like, just so that they can get a check at the end of the week or every two weeks.

Unfortunately, when we do work that is not fulfilling, it can make us unhappy and we also, generally, do not perform to the best of our ability when we hate or dislike what we do.

Bernstein suggests that you can follow your passion when you’re trying to just pay your bills.

Our culture places such a huge emphasis on our careers that we lose track of our passion projects. But who said your job had to be your only source of passion? A dear friend of mine is a powerful example of balancing passion and career — he works in corporate America but moonlights as a guitar player in a band. 
Though he spends his weekdays at a desk, he spends his weekends indulging his passion projects such as gigging with his band, writing, drawing, and learning about art. Though he dedicates a lot of his time to his career, there is no lack of passion in his life. 
Find the passion of being of service. 
When we’re of service to the world, we feel inspired and passionate about the work that we do. Perhaps the work you’re doing is service-related — getting clear about the ways in which it serves the world may make you more passionate about it. 
If that’s not the case with your job, maybe once a month you volunteer for a local charity or find a way to participate in your community or promote bigger causes. Awaken a service mentality. When you serve the world, you serve your soul.
Shift your perception about the way you make money. 
If you’re hung up about the fact that your primary source of revenue doesn’t come from your true passion, shift your perspective. Be grateful for the work that you have and focus on the good stuff. Find even the smallest part of your work that ignites your passion. Maybe you love interacting with clients or the neighborhood where you work. Maybe you’re learning something new by being on that job.

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