You Know You Have a Horrible Doctor When…


stethoscope1By Staff Blogger

Out of all of the people in our lives, our doctor is among the people that we trust the most. They are supposed to be the ones with all of the answers to our medical questions. However, there are some doctors out there that probably shouldn’t be doctors or maybe are not the right fit for you. Here are seven ways to tell if you should ditch your physician.

1. Doctors take an average of 17 minutes to listen, diagnose, and prescribe. Before you begin any medication however, ask three questions.
a. Are there any non-drug treatments I can try first?
b. Why did you choose this medication over others?
c. What are the pros and cons of taking this?
A good doctor will answer your questions honestly.

2. Doctors need sleep. Sometimes they go for days with very little sleep while treating patients. Their judgment can be very clouded should they not get enough rest. You are well within your right to ask a doctor about their sleeping habits, especially if they are going to be operating on you.

3. Doctors have prejudices and biases just like everyone else. Unfortunately sometimes they let that get in the way of treatment. If your doctor says things like “that is normal for women” or “this happens all the time with men” in a manner that appears as if they are brushing you off, get rid of them.

4. Doctor-patient romance is a big red flag. If a doctor comes on to you, run quickly.

5. Getting a second opinion never hurts and it can show you if your doctor is lying or sugarcoating things too much. A doctor who discourages you from getting a second opinion is a red flag.

6. Newer doctors may be better. Seasoned doctors may be set in their ways or may not know about the newest drugs and technologies.

7. If your psychologist is looking you up on Facebook, for example, to get personal information about you, it could be an ethics breach. Their judgment may become affected if they find thing out like what your political leaning is.



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  1. wow… my doctor does #3 & 4. but i’m comfortable with him because he knows my history & is very knowledgeable & patient with me as well as encouraging me (to well health) & considerate.. he’s almost like a friend. so i don’t know about switching him. also when i ask about second opinions he encourages me to go ahead and gives me the heads up as to what their answers will be 🙂

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