You May Be Having an Emotional Affair and Not Know It


By: Krystle Crossman

Affairs can be the death of a relationship. Physical affairs are the most common. Emotional affairs are often disregarded as an affair, but here are seven telltale signs that you are cheating on your partner, even if it’s not physical.

1. You spend a good portion of your time thinking of them – How much time during the day do you think about this person? You may be spending more time thinking about them than your own partner and that can be a big problem.

2. You feel guilty – If you are feeling guilty about the relationship that you have with this person, there is a reason. You don’t feel guilty about going out with your girlfriends right? So why do you feel guilty when you are out with this particular “friend”? It is most likely because your feelings run much deeper and you know it.

3. You are hiding your emails/calls/texts – When you begin to hide the conversations that you are having with this person you are breaking the trust of your significant other. You are making sure that they don’t find out what is going on between you and this person because you know that it will hurt them. You know that they will not like the words that are exchange. If you have to hide what you are saying to another person, you are not being faithful to your partner.

4. You have fantasies – While the relationship may just be an emotional connection at the moment you may still fantasize about being physical with this person. What happens when the fantasy becomes reality?

5. You begin to wish that your partner was more like this person – You spend so much time connecting with your “friend” that you begin to wish that you had the same connection with your partner. You wish that they were more like the “friend” that you are talking to. This can show that you are not getting what you need out of your current relationship emotionally.

6. You feel happier when you are talking to them – Talking with your partner may bring you joy every now and then but you light up when you are speaking with this other person. You look forward to your conversations every day and you feel energized when you speak to them.

7. Deep feelings are shared – Your partner should be the one that you talk to about your deepest and darkest feelings. They should be the one that you are able to tell anything to. When they stop being that person and someone else takes on that role, you are in an emotional affair.

If you can identify with these signs you may want to reevaluate your current situation. Think about why you are so enamored with this person and what it is that you feel you aren’t getting from your partner. End this with the “friend” before things get too complicated. Even if the relationship isn’t physical it is still an affair when you begin to hide things and feel guilty.


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