You May Be Shocked to Hear Why Couples Are Really Getting Divorced


Family couple relationships crisis difficultiesBy: Isabella Carson

When you hear that someone is getting a divorce you probably think it is because of some very common reasons such as cheating or abuse. However during a survey of divorcing couples on Reddit it was discovered that when people are telling the truth about their divorce it can be shocking to see why couples are giving up on their marriages. Here are some of the reasons that the participants gave:

1. One man stated that he and his wife had tried to get pregnant for a long time but nothing was working. They were going to try alternative fertility options with the doctor but she didn’t want to do that. Instead she cheated on her husband until she became pregnant.

2. A woman said that she was coming to the conclusion that she would never want to have children with the man she had married because she didn’t think she could trust him with them. She then wondered why she would trust him with their relationship too.

3. Many couples have different maturity levels going into the relationship. Some end up not being able to handle the gap when one is far too immature or the other is far too strict.

4. Some couples get married on a whim. They are swept away with romance and make the leap far too soon or they get married because a huge tragedy had just occurred and they didn’t want to lose another person. After the fact they realized that they had gotten married for the wrong reason and felt that it was time to part ways.

5. All too often you will hear the “we just grew apart” reason when there is really another underlying issue. However sometimes it is just because they grew apart from each other. They may have picked up new hobbies that are not of interest to the other half of the couple and they eventually drift apart.

6. One man said that he had finally realized after a few years that his wife was a narcissist. He didn’t want to let her have control over him anymore so he left and never looked back.



  1. If you don’t succeed try, try again.

    For me, my significant other is marriage material. His mom and dad have been married for over 50 years so he is
    really grounded in keeping our marriage together. Moreso,
    his friends are all married, which is good because he
    can relate to their ups and downs in marriage. He has
    a healthy social circle that reinforces keeping marriages together. As far me, he says that I am the best, so it
    does make it easier for him. We are both blessed to have
    each other and one very happy happy teenage daughter.

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  3. Objective Analysis on

    Wow? No wonder blacks have the highest poverty. Folks don’t want to marry and follow God’s way so that he gives you favor. Married couples who reproduce are the BEDROCK of a civilized and honorable society. Man, the impact of LBJ Great Society is really messing us up for real.

    • Mr. Objective Analysis,
      Can you please help me understand how this article in any way relates to Black poverty?
      This is about relationship issues that are prevalent across all nationalities, races and backgrounds. Each issue is why couples are seeking to annul or divorce, not why they don’t marry and therefore has no reasoning why your comment should even relate to this article let alone thought process. Perhaps you should rename your online handle to Biased Analysis.

  4. The number one reason Black folks are divorcing is that we are a race of children. We need to grow up! Most of us enter marriage before we resolve the issues that resulted from being reared in dysfunctional families. Crazy, fragmented, self-hating, immature brats make the same kind of partner!Happy and whole people make happy and whole marriages. A good marriage is based on love, respect and trust.
    Also, too many of us are trying to be contented slaves. There is no such thing. When we submit to a “master” other than God we are going against our basic nature. We were created free, slavery is unnatural. So, we turn against ourselves as evidenced by our insane, ignorant and self-destructive behavior. We must gain the courage to be our natural God selves. Remember, God hates cowards. Again, to save our families we must GROW UP!

  5. Many marriages end because often one person attempts to dominate over the other. As men we often think that our wives must submit to us. We set up the stage for an adversarial relationship. I once heard of a pastor who said that if he wanted a fried egg sandwich his wife was obligated to make it for him. That sounds selfish to me.
    I agreed with the comment that mentioned maturity. Sometimes we are too immature to make things work. We need to work hard to acquire the skills needed to make our marriages work.
    Marriage is becoming a marker for upward mobility . We will never advance as a people if we cannot maintain healthy marriages. A strong marriage is a buffer in this cold heartless world.

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