You May Be Surprised to Learn Who Gets More From an Open Relationship


By: Krystle Crossman

Open relationships are not for everyone. Some people cannot handle the thought of their significant other being with someone while they are with them. Others love the freedom that an open relationship affords them. They are able to be with different people and see what is out there but still have the same person to come home to every night. Many people think that an open relationship will be better for the man than the woman due to the stereotype that men like fooling around more than women do. The truth may shock you though.

The HuffPost conducted a podcast recently that was about open relationships. They interviewed a man who said that these kinds of relationships end up benefiting women far more than men and then gave a great example of the reason why. He stated that if he goes to a club, meets a nice woman and hits it off, but then tells her that he is in a happy and loving open relationship it is more likely than not that she is going to run. Many women are into commitment and monogamy (although certainly not all women) so when they hear that there is someone else before they even get a chance at being in a relationship it scares most away. Flip the roles now. A woman goes to a bar and hits it off with a guy. She tells him that she is in an open relationship and is happy with the other guy. Do you think that man will run because she is with someone else? Some certainly would, but a good majority wouldn’t think twice about continuing the night.

This of course is not to say that all women like monogamy and will never be with someone in an open relationship and that men are all for hooking up no matter what the situation is. However if you look at it objectively you can clearly see that an open relationship would be better for the woman than the male partner. The man being interviewed also stated that when he would tell someone that he’s in an open relationship he would get the third degree if the woman didn’t immediately run. She would ask a lot of questions to see whether he was lying or not and by that point the mood has been sufficiently ruined.

Could you ever be in an open relationship or with someone who is?


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