You May Have Bad Breath & Not Know It. Here are Some Of The Causes


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Some people just can’t help it, they have stinky breath. They open their mouths to speak and it makes the person they are talking to want to run for the hills or shove a breath mint in their mouths. It could be that they have not brushed their teeth, they may have halitosis, or they may have just eaten a smelly food. Here are some instances where people have bad breath that isn’t halitosis.

Foods as they are digested enter the bloodstream. They eventually end up in the lungs and are expelled in the form of carbon dioxide and can cause smelly breath. Certain foods will make for an intolerable stench such as garlic, onions, and coffee. Until you completely expel this food from your body, your breath will continue to stink. Even if you don’t eat these foods however, there are still many different things that can cause bad breath.

Gum disease can cause halitosis. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, the bacteria grows on your gums. This can cause gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. If you notice that you have extremely foul breath and a bad taste in your mouth to go along with it, it is time for a trip to the dentist.

Another thing that can cause bad breath is Xerostomia. This is more commonly known as dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause bad breath as well because the salivary glands aren’t producing the saliva your mouth needs. This gives bacteria the chance to grow quickly.

Some people can have bad breath due to medications they are on or treatments they are receiving. Others have bad breath because they smoke or chew tobacco. A dentist will be able to prescribe mouthwashes and oral treatments that can help with the bad breath, but it is up to you to take responsibility for brushing and flossing regularly.


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  1. Brushing and flossing daily is really good for bad breath. Listerine is very good for gum disease but it dries the mouth which will cause the bad breath to return. brushing your tongue with your tooth brush get rid of a lot of the bacteria in the mouth. If you want to test your breath just lick the back of your hand and smell after a minute’s wait.

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