You Will Never Eat Another Big Mac After seeing This


By: Krystle Crossman

We all have those days where we are out running errands and we don’t have time to go home and grab supper. Fast food restaurants are everywhere. They are cheap and convenient. The problem is that the food is not healthy in any way, shape or form. The cheeseburgers that you can get at places like McDonald’s or Burger King are especially heinous on your stomach.

There is a video circulating that shows a chemist from the University of Nottingham dipping McDonald’s cheeseburger into a vat of hydrochloric acid. This is the acid that is found in your stomach that helps break the food down so that it can be digested. After three and a half hours in the vat the cheeseburger is downright disgusting. It comes out looking like a black sticky mess. Why would you want to put something in your body that breaks down so horribly when it comes into contact with the acid that is found in your stomach?

The cheeseburgers are loaded with additives and preservatives so the restaurants can get the most bang for their buck. The problem with this is that these preservatives do not break down well in the body and can add a lot of harmful chemicals into our system. The cheeseburgers aren’t the only offenders either. The French fries and chicken nuggets are just as bad. Videos have circulated social media sites showing foods that do no decompose or break down.

McDonald’s had issued a statement once these videos went viral in order to defend themselves and their food. They stated that it is not that the food does rot in certain conditions, but instead they dry out. When they cook the patties the burgers lose moisture. Without moisture they do not rot, they simply dry up. The french fries are the same. They dry up and shrivel but they do not break down on their own. They stated that if there is no moisture loss the foods will decompose just like any other food but when the buns are toasted they lose moisture and when the patties are steamed the moisture comes out as well.

See the video below:

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  1. This is interesting indeed but wouldn’t it make sense to show what a homemade, or even an organic or veggie burger looks like put to the same test?

  2. This is not a big surprise to me, the fox is guarding the chicken coop. The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration allows all these chemicals in food, by not using enough Food Inspectors. Plus your sickness contributes to another Industry Healthcare and the pharmaceutical companies, to try and get you well, if you don’t get well then there is money to be made for the Funeral Home. Just think America don’t have many job industries no more, human sickness and death, makes big money for a lot of people. No one cares what’s in our water and food no more. I haven’t seen a label on a cheeseburger yet that says this product contains the following chemicals eat at your own risk.

  3. McDonalds also used this argument regarding an experiment with one of their cheeseburgers and one from a family restaurant in the 2004 film, Supersize Me. The two burgers were placed in bell jars and the McDonalds cheese burger and fries did not break down quickly at all, whereas the other one did.

    Even if the burgers do dry out quickly, it does not negate the fact that their food tends to be high in preservatives. The last time I ate a McDonald’s burger was two years ago after eating a really clean diet for two months. I vomited so violently afterwards and believe my body just could not tolerate it. Not pleasant.

  4. Jennifer Jordan on

    Thanks for doing the experiment, I’m pretty sure when the first fast food restaurant opened, they didn’t have all these chemicals and different additives added to their burgers and fries. I think what has happened to American businessman is they all got greedy (and businesswoman too)they kept seeing that all mighty dollar, with no end in sight.

  5. I’m a vegetarian so maybe I can bring some objectivity to this. I agree that McDonald’s and Burger King, etc are unhealthy. However, don’t we chew our food? Even so, the video makes it’s point but, again, the burger wasn’t chewed. Plus, there’s much more occurring to breakdown your food. But, the color, I haven’t anything to say except gross.

  6. So gross, they don’ care about nothing but their pocketbooks. They have to know it is making us sick, and killing us. Its all a plan to keep their palms greased!

  7. This is nothing more than faux-science. For one thing, gastric acid is comprised of sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid (less than 1% of the “mix”, if I remember correctly), and potassium chloride. In addition, food doesn’t arrive down there in pristine form, as it starts getting broken up by chewing and salivary enzymes.

    I’m not even a scientist, and I know this. Shouldn’t the University of Nottingham?

    So let’s see what happens when the University throws an organic salmon burger and a veggie burger into a vat containing the same chemicals. Oh, they DIDNT? So there’s no ‘control’ group? Faux-science that would’ve been thrown out of my freshman inorganic chem class 33 years ago.

    People, we know that there are preservatives in almost all food we eat and sweetened beverages we drink. The best way around this is to change policy (write to your congressman), REFUSE TO BUY ANYTHING AT A STORE YOU DISAGREE WITH, and write them a letter stating why you’ve stopped shopping there. They’re all motivated by profit, and if they think that they’ll lose customers, you’ll have their attention.

    But stop buying into fake-science designed to rile you up.

  8. AyJay, thanks for telling the truth, everything from fresh veggies to the can goods are loaded with some sort of chemical or preservative, even the organic is not “free.” Plus add to the fact there was no control group, our best bet is to not make fast foods our daily stop and more like once a week! We need to eat to live, not live to eat!

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